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ORO GOLD Exclusive Peeling – Best way to cleanse your skin

Get a free ORO GOLD Exclusive peeling to start the new year! many people assume that skin care is a simple matter of “Lather. Rinse. Repeat.”  However, we at ORO GOLD know that skin care is more than just soap and water. Read below and watch our video, featuring our Expert Keren Ballard, to learn about the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling and the amazing benefits. Leave a comment below and automatically be entered to be one of FOUR winners! Winners will receive a 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling of their very own worth $178! Don’t delay as the contest ends on January 7, 2014!

OROGOLD Cosmetics Exclusive peeling image

Why is it important to keep your skin pure?

Everyone wants to put their best face forward and your best face should be a clean face. When dead skin cells, daily dirt, and excess oils gather on the top layer of skin the result is a dull and dry complexion or oily and shiny face.  In order to rid your face of dull, dead skin cells and excess oils, a proper cleanse is necessary.  Taking the time to cleanse the skin regularly can make all the difference between feeling your best throughout the day and feeling drab and plain.

The foundation in any skin care line-up should be to ensure that the skin is completely and thoroughly cleansed. This means making sure that all the crack, crevices and pores are free from dirt, oil and dead skin cells. A proper cleanse of the skin ensures that moisturizers can deeply moisturize, lifting masks can actually lift, and restoration creams can profoundly restore.

What Can You Do?

Our collections are designed with the utmost care and considerations of all different skin types. Our moisturizers, creams, and serums, along with the other wide variety of products, offer such dramatic results, that no one could refute the importance of a comprehensive skin care regimen.

In order for any of our quality products to truly do their job, it is important that the skin is as clean and pure as possible.  ORO GOLD’s 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling provides a thorough cleanse of the skin, bonding to dirt and grime in order to remove it, leaving clean, glowing skin.  Just Listen as Keren explains exactly how this versatile product works to deep clean your skin.


  1. I’m a big fan of your products and would really love to win one of these. Thanks.

  2. My hubby bought me orogold products last year for christmas..first time Id ever heard of orogold..and I love them!!! I would love to try this product

  3. Love the product, would enjoy a nice surprise.

  4. My husband and I love our Orogold products! Our skin has never been healthier!

  5. Would love to try peeling for once who better than orogold.

  6. Love orogold products. Would really love to try the peel. :)

  7. Love to try this new product

  8. I’m an avid e skin care person and would love love to win!!! Also be able to review and post on my blog.

  9. I was just introduced to the products and LOVE them!

  10. I would love to be able to try these products. I have heard so many wonderful things about them and would be thrilled to be able to tell everyone about my own experience! Winning some of these products would help give me the strength & courage to face big changes in the new year. New year, new me.

  11. Wow! This product sounds fantastic. I love orogold products!

  12. I’ve been a “latter,rinse,repeat” kinda gal – but to begin the new year i’ve decided to purchase orogold (which is a new product for me) I would LOVE to win this and start taking better care of my skin.

  13. I am using it love it

  14. I want to try this products since I heard so many good things about this.

  15. Ana Maria C. Barrios

    Would love to try your product – I’ve read about it and this new year is an excellent way to start 2014 right!!!

  16. I wish to win the prize and try it to feel the magic..

  17. I ‘m using this product and it’s amazing!!! My skin is getting softer and smoother!!!

  18. I simply love this products, I bought one in London last year, but since I live in Croatia its really hard to find OROGOLD Cosmetics here…so this would be great if I won it. :)

  19. Susana Santa Jimenez Lopez

    Recién he comprado algunos productos y realmente estoy sorprendida porque la piel de mi cuerpo y manos es más tersa y suave dejando un aroma agradable. Conocer más de los beneficios de esta línea de productos sin duda sería de gran ayuda a mi rostro el cual luce opaco.

  20. Heard great reviews about Orogold so would love to try myself

  21. Had my first exposure last night in Key West. Would love more … Will be making some purchases this week.

  22. Wow amazing product……..i want to use it……….

  23. I love Orogold skin care products and I would love to try exclusive piller too!

  24. I am thrilled to try these Orogold products! Wish I could win the prize.

  25. Would LOVE to try this product!!! ❤

  26. Mary Ann Dela Pena

    i love to try this products. i tried the sample moisturizer and it really feels good on my face
    i think this is really worth to buy. this will be my birthday gift for my self on january 26. to look young feel young with orogold cosmetics products.

  27. I was just introduced to these products today! Would love to see more and how they would benefit me

  28. Just heard of your products today. I have been wanting to change to healthier cosmetics. Would love to win and try this product.

  29. Yes…I’d love to hear this new product I want to promote here in philippines.. Go go go OROGOLD… You’re the best!!!

    • Am a frequent client of salons to cleanse and rejuvenate my skin. If what orogold professes is true,, i would love to start its regimen now.

  30. My skin has recently become more oily than it ever used to be, and as a result i’ve developed unwanted black heads and blemishes. I’ve tried a lot of different products in hopes of clearer and smoother skin, but have not come across a product that has given me those results. I first heard about your products yesterday while I was walking through the Copley Mall in Boston, and saw they were handing out samples of the daily moisterizer. I tried the sample this morning and loved how soft it made my skin feel, so I decided to check out the Oro Gold website to see what other products they had to offer. I’d love to try the Oro Gold Exclusive Peeling and start off the new year with clearer, softer and smoother skin!

  31. love orogold…really good product…I wl introduce to all my friends……

  32. Would love to try this porduct. I’m a full time, single mom and I’ve no time to pamper myself. Would really love to have your product because it really looks promising for my skin, this would be great for my “me time”.

  33. Would love to win and give it a try.

  34. I love these contests! I use the scrub and moisturizer which is great, especially in the winter. I’m also scheduled for a facial soon, very excited.

  35. jojo buenaventura

    I would like to win and try this product
    i have oily skin and acne scars

    i hope it will gives remedy on my skin problem for years

    Happy new year and more power!!!

  36. The product was introduced to me at the mall and found it to be amazing. Would love to try other products.

  37. Try my luck! This would be my first cosmetics product that will touches my skin. Would love to see how it will benefits my skin.

  38. I wish i could have this to try it to myself….being a mom makes a lot of worries and it refleks on my face im 45 and looks like older..

  39. Orogoldcosmetics its my every day face routine I love the product and i use it daily
    I convienced all my Friends to use it
    ill be glad if I win

  40. Going to try Oro Gold. Not satisfied with my present face regimine.

  41. I treated myself to the full line of Oro Gold when I turned 50 yrs. the product line is AmaZing! I even thought I had lost my mind after spending that much money but the results I got were worth 10X’s what I spent. I know it seems like an investment but nothing and I mean nothing I have tried has come close to bringing the life back to my skin like the Oro Gold products. My favorite product is the Vitamin C Serum. I Love getting compliments on my skin but the ultimate compliment is when I go out to a restaurant with my son in law and they think he is my husband. (;

  42. My son gave me a gift collection of Orogold last Christmas with the day & night creams and the exfoliator cream. They are wonderful. I am 71 years old and since using Orogold have been told I look 10 years younger which makes me & my husband feel good. As soon as I run out, I will be ordering more of these products.

  43. The 24K day cream was introduced to me at the West Edmonton mall and I found it to be excellent! Would love to try other products!

  44. Cristina Saminiano

    Wanna try this product. Hope i won this product…thanks

  45. I love this product. I have purchased the whole collection. it lasts a long time. I have run out of the deep pealing and would love to win one. I have used a lot of products but this deep pealing is the only one that I have ever used that made my skin feel so refreshed, clean and glowing. Would love to win a bottle to continue with the rest of the collection that I have. Best product out there.

  46. I like to try this stuff see if this work

  47. Just received a small sample of the 24K hour all day moisturizer while at the mall christmas shopping. I tried it last night and absolutley loved the way it made my skin look and feel. Would love to try the other products and especially would love to win the oro gold exclusive peeling product.

  48. Every week, our skin can build up dead skin cell. Therefore, it is a good idea to clean the skin regularly.

  49. i love to try this…i wish i could win…maybe this will change my life as well

  50. Virginia Gorembalem

    Love to try this product!

  51. Hope to strike it gold by winning!

  52. immaculada n. dizon

    I wish ill get it to start the year with confidence and good aura. Having this, it embibes posivitism in everything I do. Good luck to all wishers.

  53. I would love to have this peel. I love to take care of my skin and pride myself on it. You have to look good to feel good. That’s what I believe.

  54. Really love to try it :))))

  55. Really love to try it :-)

  56. I just purchased some of your products, and am anxious to be your “poster child” at age 68!

  57. I have just heard of orogold cosmetics & immediately search it to find the opportunity to win the peeling & I would love to get the opportunity to try it!

  58. ORO GOLD makes my skin becomes tender, white, and become younger

  59. ORO GOLD makes my skin has never had a slippery

  60. I have heard high regards about Oro Gold through my friends. I haven’t tried the products though (because I couldn’t afford it) but I was told that it is the best beauty product you’ll ever find. I hope I’ll win in this contest and if I do, that would be definitely awesome! It will be the best new year’s gift ever! :)

  61. I remember that lovely girl Lauren beauty assistant that introduced me to this brand :)
    If I win it will make me very happy!

  62. Last Christmas 2013 a friend gave me an OroGold 24K facial expression bionic complex thermal mask as gift. Since I received it only last dec 30, I had tried it for only once as yet. However, the one time of use has already convinced me that your products are well worth the price. For now, I am saving some funds to buy a set of your cleanser. Should I be lucky enough to win in this promo, it will be a great delight…

  63. I have used the eye product, this was a present. Also I received a sachet of day cream & both were wonderful, the cream makes my skin so smooth. I do agree that peeling is great & have done this quite regularly so I would love to try your product.

  64. Maria Lorelyn Mejia

    I love to try this,hope i could win,as a birthday gift for myself this jan. 26 😉

  65. I enjoyed the 24k moisturizing cream
    And decided to check the website
    I am going to purchase the cream
    Would love to learn more about the
    Benefits of your product
    Love you guys keep up the good

  66. I suffer from acne during my teen years and now it leaves a lot of memories through dark spot and scars. When i got job i spend a lot of money to achieve beautiful skin, unfortunately still the same. Im still a woman who dream of having a clear, beauiful skin hope orogold is the answer to my prayer. Tired of having unclear skin. I want to be beautiful and confident

  67. During the holidays, my daughter and I went in one of the orogold boutiques and were introduced to the products. We have been amazed with the results and outcome of the products we purchased and the results in a short period of time. This product would be a great addition to the items we purchased in December.

  68. franz ervy mallari

    It would be a great start of the year if i will experience this magicl peeler…. :)

  69. Your products are fantastic I have been steeling my aunties for months now and can really see the results in how radiant my skin looks. Unfortunately I wont be able to do this soon. I have started saving up to buy my own facial cleanser but the problem is if I get that I also would like to purchase the moisturizer as well!

  70. I love your product. I received the manicure set for Christmas, and I want more!!

  71. First time to hear about Oro Gold exclusive peel. I would like to try it

  72. I love Orogold cosmetic products! I have the body lotion and nail kit as it was the only thing I could afford at the time and it is brilliant, still use it after 12months of getting it! I had the peeling treatment demonstrated to me and I couldn’t believe the results! Fingers crossed! Laura, UK

  73. María Teresa Carlos

    Intrigued by the products benefits — would love the chance to win

  74. I heard a great review of these products from my friends who already tused it and I love to try it…since it’s quite expensive, I hope I’m gonna win this promo so i’ll start using it see the difference and I can recommend it to some of my friends…..cross my finger,,…

  75. It’s my first time to hear about OROGOLD, and i’m very much intetested to try it, since i have uneven skintone. Thanks. Happy new year!

  76. Just stared using your 24K Caviar cream, so I would love to try the peel.

  77. i love this product…you should try this and you’ll amazing.

  78. I want to be 0ne of the lucky winners, if given the opportunity to have a free product, i will be very happy, thank u in advance and more power to your product.

  79. My friend got some of your products for Christmas. I would love to give them a try! Very unique products

  80. Mary Grace Matsumura

    I want to try your products it’s very interesting …kindly email with me for this product .. Thank you and have a nice day!

  81. Absolutely in love with your products. The results are magical and truly superior to other products. I would be happy to receive this peel and add to my collection. Thank you OroGold for your passion for skincare.

  82. I’ve used the devotion products for years. …. would definitely like to win this

  83. Ma. Cristy Q. Genobatin

    My sister and i were in the resorts world manila last december 25 and we just bought the nail care kit,and we try the peeling its really amazing,please orogold pick me up as your winner so that i can share it to my sister too..thanks

  84. I was at the mall and I pass by and there was a table with some samples I took three of 24k moisturizing day cream ,and is so so good ,at that moment i din’t have the money to buy it ,I can imagine the set with all the creams I wish I win is really good .

  85. I have been looking for years how to cleanse my face and have a clear glowing skin. I would love to try this product as i really need it badly. I hope you choose me as one of the recipient of the product. Thank you very much :-)

  86. Want to try its living testimony of beauty. A Filipina is known and awarded for its unique charm and beauty..a beauty that is not only naturally born but need to be earned and worked on as years passed hope to have Orogold for a try to aid this nearly wrinkled face on my late 30’s but feel like in 40’s due to my dry skin..

  87. New to Orogold would love to win the peel. Had a baby and not feeling too good about myself, sure the peel will defiantly give me the pick up I need.

  88. I had given up on having a youthful complexion. My daughters gave me Orogold for Christmas and the difference in my complexion is brilliant. I’ll use these products for the rest of time.

  89. hello, i am jenny rose cabrigas from tacloban
    city philippines..
    after what happen on us here when yolanda came,
    as i read this contest i’ve been thinking to be one
    of the contestant,
    i never had experience about body spa or anything about skin beautxm, i cant afford it..
    Now i want to try it if ever i am one of the winners..
    thank you and godbless
    from yolanda survivor :)

  90. Would love to win. I’m a mom of two teenagers and could really use some revitalizing of my skin!

  91. I bought orogold peel after a sale assistant demonstrated on my hand what it does. After I used on my face, I went back and got more product. I have very sensitive skin and until now it was very hard for me to find a product that I can go back to. I love everything from orogold!!!

  92. I was given a trial size packet of the Orogold 24k day cream, I tried it and LOVE IT! The moment I applied it and how it felt through the day! It is exactly what I have been searching for! I live in the dry climate of Western Colorado . Your moisturizer works! I would be thrilled to win the deep cleansing peel! Have my friends try this to conquer the battle against leather faces we need all the help we can get! Thank you OROGOLD!

  93. your products are amazing!! I would love to try out this product. With our -50 wind chills I could use any help at the moment!!

  94. I have heard great reviews but never tried products. This would be great to win!!

  95. Just started using Oro Gold and i’m in love!

  96. My roommate uses Oro Gold and loves it; I would love to try it too! 😉

  97. I was stop in the mall on 1/5/14 by a oro gold rep they. Gave me a free sample an use this awesome eye cream on was great..looking forward to try the day a night cream..

  98. I heard about the Oro Gold for the first time before Christmas and I would love to try few of the products to find out for myself how it’ll work for me so I can tell all my friends and family who always listen to my advice and I’m the source of information.

  99. Tonight is the first time I will be trying OroGold…just returned home with my purchase. I am excited to see the results and would love to win!

  100. I just started using the Orogold line and I am completely 125% satisfied. My skin is soft and pure like my child’s skin. It glows! I would love a surprise but even if I don’t win I will continue to support and use these products. I am rubbing the 24k foot cream in as I type and my feet are in heaven. I want to literally bath and treat my while body with Orogold!

  101. Your products are amazing…our family love all of OROGOLD products. I want to win!! I will win!!

  102. Best Product Ive found – Sensitive skin nothing works but ORO GOLD!

  103. Been using Orogold for a year now, it works like magic!

  104. I love the BRAND, product, everything!! First the people who work at Hillsdale Mall OROGOLD store in California are wonderful. Great service from there knowledge, kindness… professional. I never had this quality treatment from anybody.
    Also, we were in love with the product after we saw how well does it work on our skin. My mom and aunt could not wait to buy it. I am hopping to win this product… I want to win!!!!

  105. Love your products

    • Love this product ….have used it in past ……..almost finish and time for new one..I might get lucky and win this one and dont have to buy new one

  106. LOVEEEE Orogold. Obsessed with the nail set, i can’t get enough. I am crazy obsessed with doing my nails, and I do them like every second day… If it wasn’t for the buffer & oil I probably wouldn’t have any nails left from all the nail polish & remover use. I am Ssoooo thankful for Orogold. I tried the peel today & I was so shocked at the results (and that was just on my wrist…) I am nervous to try it on my face but if I don’t win I may just have to go buy it regardless. Shoutout to the girl @ St.Vital Mall in Winnipeg that showed me the peel today!!
    much love xo

  107. I’e done glycolic peels in the past but am looking for something new. Let’s get the the gunk out! Pushing 42! 😉

  108. Deborah Carbajal

    Fabulous product. Every women should have OroGold.. Love, love, love Love all there products… I used there products and I look amazing and young… Thanks OroGold!!!!

  109. Fabulous product. Every women should have OroGold.. Love, love, love Love all there products… I used there products and I look amazing and young… Thanks OroGold!!!!

  110. have just been introduced to ur products.Would love to win this product to add to my routine.

  111. mildred Iglesias

    I would love to try this new product¡,

  112. My girlfriend love to have one since she have a sensitive skin. I will be thankful if I won one Orogold. It will be a big surprise to her. Than you.

  113. Want so much to try the product. I am working in the cosmetics industry and have try so many products,but this one looks different and promising.

  114. I’ve used La Mer. La Prairie products. This is the best! Love it!

  115. I would love to try this product. I turned 44 in September & am starting to very seriously take care of my skin. Wishing to win to use this fabulous product. Thanks, Orogold!

  116. I love this peeling gel. I have been using twice a week. It makes my skin so smooth and soft. Quite pricey though:(

  117. I bought the a Eye Serum and I love it! I would like to have the peeling too!!!

  118. I was in Dadeland Mall and pass by your door accidentally and the guy tried the eye cream on me and it was amazing the change in my face. I tried the sample for more than a week and the results were amazing. I die to try this one on me. I have dark spots in my face and would like to use the whole line. I am telling my sons and daughter what I need for my birthday this year. I need to have this products . I know this is the best product made in the world, I can tell. I hope to receive this sample to try and continue to use it

  119. I tried a smaple of OROGOLD at the Boston Mass location and loved it! :)

  120. Hi!!!… I live in Queretaro, México.

    Yesterday I bought the set hands, and I love it!!!!… I can see the big difference in my hands, and in my nails!!! It shines!!!…

    And I really would love to win the Termica Treatment, because I have been problems on my skin face… I have been tested a lot of different treatments, but I haven´t found one I can see results.

    Thanls!!!… and have a good day!!!

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