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Can’t concentrate in class? Having a hard time remembering what you had for dinner last night?

orogold dmae-set

Or maybe it’s just not your day...

Well, I think you would like DMAE. Read my article for some amazing facts and check out my video on the right :)

DMAE is a liquid organic compound naturally produced in the brain. It’s also found in sardines, anchovies, squid and salmon. It is sold in health-food stores as a supplement that enhances the brain’s functionality as well as your mood. But we are not here to talk about bad moods or short-term memory loss.

We are here to talk about the new discovery of DMAE and how your skin can benefit from it. ORO GOLD's popular DMAE Series represents the perfect infusion of Gold, Caviar extract, vitamins and of course DMAE. DMAE is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that causes muscles to contract and tighten under the skin. Therefore, it helps in preventing both sagging and drooping of the muscles under the skin by maintaining muscle tone in the face and body as we age.

miracles of DMAE During one of my visits as a corporate representative to an ORO GOLD Store in LA County, I wanted to prove the miracles of DMAE to a middle aged man, who’s never in his life believed in or used skin care products. You can visibly notice how the left side of the face in the photo looks much firmer, smoother and younger- after only one application! I promise this is not “Photoshopped”!

This collection never ceases to surprise me over and over, and it has become one of my favorite collections of ORO GOLD Cosmetics. After researching the Benefits of DMAE, I also found an article on the DR. OZ Show website, crowning the DMAE as one of the top 5 ingredients to look for in your skin care.

The effects are almost immediately visible, even when applied in the form of a lotion or a mask. Studies looking at weeks, months and even up to a year of use show that improvement and cumulative benefits continue to accrue.

Using ORO GOLDHere you can see one of our clients after using our newest product from the Collection: 24K DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution. (Left eye in the photo)

You can find this natural syringe along with the rest of our collection online and at stores:

24K DMAE Instant Stretching Mask 24K DMAE Lifting & Firming Cream 24K Lifting Concentrate Serum So next time you look or feel tired and unfocused- take DMAE! Apply DMAE and witness your own transformation into being young and sharp all over again.





About The Author

Eliran Luzone, 25 years old, ORO GOLD store manager and skin specialist for the past 4 years. Started his way in San Francisco Downtown, Soon to manage the new upcoming ORO GOLD store At Glendale Galleria. (November 2013)


  1. I have just started using these products. Very pleased so far. Tal was wonderful and very helpful.

  2. I own a few of OroGold products. They are amazing. It makes my skin feel so soft and shiny, but in a good way. It doesn’t look oily. I have suggested to many of my friends OroGold and they say it works too! Basically, if you want great skin…….. this is the brand you will stick with forever.

  3. I have been using the cream for a couple weeks and have seen a slight improvement. Would like to see much more. If there are any other products to try I would be willing. I’m trying to stay away from botox any way I can.

  4. I’d love to see what results I’d get from applying DMAE topically. I’ve been taking DMAE supplements for about 2 months now. Thanks for the info…and Great photos!!

  5. Informative article. Great to know that DMAE feeds my skin and brain! TY for this giveaway :)

  6. I’ve never tried it before but i after reading this i need to go buy some OroGold products NOW. :) It seems to help the skin improve alot and who wouldnt want that? Nice, soft, and smooth skin, I think I’ve struck gold.

  7. I purchased a few products and really love the heating mask. Hope to try more products soon.

  8. The results shown in the photos are amazing!! It’s also good to know that the benefits are cumulative.

  9. Oh yes, I want to feel younger inside and out! Thank you for this info. :)

  10. Very informative article about DMAE. I’ve never heard of this until now, and the before and after photos prove these ingredients work. OroGold is the only product I can trust when I see pictures like that, because the first time I was ever introduced to OroGold was in person at a store, and I saw the instant difference for myself when the store manager tested the 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream and 24K Anti-aging Eye Serum on me, and I saw it for myself. I’ve been a loyal OroGold for the past 5 years since stumbling into the store from admiring their elegant packaging. :)

  11. Charlotte Beringer

    Your skincare line sounds totally leading edge! Definitely not ordinary anti-aging products. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  12. DMAE is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that causes muscles to contract and tighten under the skin. Therefore, it helps in preventing both sagging and drooping of the muscles under the skin by maintaining muscle tone in the face and body – wow! Very intrigued. unique – nothing else like it on the market. Would love to put it to the test!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  13. I have never used your products because 500 dollars is such a commitment for me. Thank You for telling me about the many benefits of DMAE. I was not aware of this and I like that it would both help with sagging and help my brain out as well. The combination seems powerful to me. I would love to be able to try this product and I’m going to be checking my local health store for this DMAE.

  14. i love oro gold!!!!!!!!!
    would love the opportunity to get these!!!

  15. Wow, Really impressed. I want the whole collection!

  16. i didn’t know what a great benefits of DMAE! thank you for the great article with photo proof. i am thrilled. my next skin care will be defiantly with DMAE!

  17. I’m spreading the word!…Orogold is definitely good for my skin…wow, amazing!…Thanks Shai, I want the whole collection!

  18. This article was very informative. I would love to try these products. Hopefully I will win, so I can see the results for myself.

  19. I recently bought $1,000.00 in products while in Hawaii. I had to remove the products from the shopping bags to travel home. Upon getting home I’m confused about what goes with what (eyes, face). Maybe it doesn’t matter because I’m using the product and love them. I am up in age and look at least 10 years younger. A big thanks to Sophia at the Honolulu store

  20. I am a homemaker, my husband works 70+ hours a week and we have 4 boys. I can not afford OroGold products at this time, but I would love to have the opportunity to try them.

  21. I just had a sample of the wrinkle tightening product under my eyes. What a miracle product! I wish I could afford it cuz I see this product really works.

  22. Hello Eliran! Thank you for explaining this in a very simple manner that we can all understand. You’ve inspired me to look into DMAE some more and most definitely your products! Thank you for the giveaway :)

  23. I was approached by the beautiful sales gal at the Honolulu store, and specifically told her I had very sensitive skin, by which she said the products were definitely all natural and made with gold,etc. after which she insisted I sit in the chair so she could show me what a difference it would make on my face. She did only 1 side, and it did make it feel and look better, and I had been looking for something that might help me, because of my sensitive skin. So, being excited that perhaps this was it, and so far it was working, I purchased over $1200.00 !! It was like she was hypnotizing me into getting the next group of items, and by doing so, I got to have a FREE GOLD CLEOPATRA FACIAL, scheduled for the next morning, which I did. My right side of my face was a little red from the previous day,but I was so excited, as we had a reception dinner to go to the next day, and was thinking my skin would look “10 years younger” ( that’s what they said). I was more excited because the part-owner was giving me the facial so I felt really special! It felt good at first, but after being smeared up for just a few minutes, it felt really hot and stinging. He proceeded to take it off and put some more cream on. I went to my condo, and as the day went on my face really was red and burning. I went right back to them and showed him what was happening, and was returning all the products I had bought for a refund, but they couldn’t do that, so he gathered up a whole new line of more “gold and diamond” in them. I left reluctantly, and had to go to my dinner red faced! We left the next day for the mainland..I have tried to use the product several times, but each time, I break out with a terrible red rash.. I would give anything to be able to use it, but cannot. I have given so much of it away, but what can I do? Live and learn, but I would NEVER want anyone else to go through this… to to mention the money I spent…

  24. WOW those are remarkable results! I can only imagine what the results would be with long term use!

  25. Hello – Orogold sounds like products that exercise your skin. This is so interesting! Would love the opportunity to try. Thank you!

  26. While walking through a mall I was pulled into an Orogold store by Antonio who was very convincing. I ended up with several products that I do really love and as soon as I can afford to buy more I will be using this line of cosmetics. Everything I am trying is wonderful.

  27. wow! the results look amazing! i am very keen to try your products!

  28. sheena mariee eaton

    Woooww! What a difference! I really enjoyed the article and seeing before my very eyes just how amazing and effective the orogold products look and sound! My skin could sure benefit from these products! Thank you for the opportunity to win them! Seeing is believing, and I am a true believer of Orogold!!!!

  29. WOW! The comparison photos in this article are amazing! It is crazy how much of a difference you can see on the side of the face that uses the Orogold DMAE products!

  30. I’m and esthetician and I have been in the skin care industry for over 25 years and I’m impressed by what I have been hearing about Orogold products. I have a friend I met this summer who works for the Hawaii Orogold stores and she is so happy with her job and the company and most of all the products. I am looking forward to trying them myself. I am also interested in learning more about the company. The pictures you posted are truly impressive.

  31. I love when science and beauty meld to create effective beauty products. Your line sounds life transforming!

  32. I have just started using these products. Very pleased so far. wonderful and very helpful.

  33. Orogold, where have you been all my life? Thank you for education us on your powerful ingredients. I am blown away by those photos!

  34. I have been reading rave reviews on-line about your products. Thank you for this giveaway. Would love to win. However, if I don’t, this means I will have to make the drive up to Glendale from San Diego to see you Eliran 😉

  35. can this be true?

  36. You had me at “helps in preventing both sagging and drooping of the muscles”, sounds like EXACTLY what my skin needs. Sounds very powerful, I think I may need to also add DMAE supplements to my beauty routine. Thank you for the giveaway!

  37. WoW Thank you for this generous giveaway. I have been wanting to try your products ever since I first heard about your brand on a talk show. Great early Christmas gift :)

  38. I am with orogold for about 3 months now and my skin never felt or looked any better. I am one of those lady’s who tried everything; from este Lauder to Chanel and never had any real results. I love the collagen caviar mask . First when I started I was thinking : why would gold be good for my skin? So I did a research and was amazed: gold is hypoallergenic , anti-inflammatory , anti oxidant , and it penetrates the keratin level of the skin , so instead of all the products I ever used working only on the surface , the products of orogold actually go into my skin , that’s why I have the results for a long term and not only for an hour like all the eye serums and eye creams I tried . I’m highly satisfied and never going to change my line.

  39. Thank you for the article Eliran. It’s great to find a skincare line that wants to educate their consumers. :)

  40. I’m a college student who can’t really afford any orogold cosmetics but I managed to save up enough money from my part time job to finally buy two moisturizers, only because I’ve tried it from a teenie sample. I loved how bright and glowy my skin was the next morning and somehow it just makes me feel so confident in my own skin, even though I have a lot of scars. I absolutely love their products and would love to have the opportunity to try more :)

  41. I’ve recently been introduced to the Mousse Foundation and I used to be one to think that makeups can be brand interchangeable. After using this product I know that is NOT true at all! It’s so light (and fluffy!). I love how it feels like I’m not wearing any foundation and that it doesn’t break out my skin if I happen to end up in bed from exhaustion before I land before my bathroom sink. It really is a great product and worth every penny!

  42. I love hearing and seeing about products that work so well. I have heard about DMAE and how important it is to have it in your diet. Great to know that your skin can benefit from it also! Thank you ORO GOLD!

  43. I’m at the age now that I need to be using something really good on my skin. I’ve heard about Orogold and really want to give it a try. I’m glad there is a store near me so I can check it out! Thanks for the article. :)

  44. I did not get sold when the rep talked to me. However, after trying the samples for 2 nights at home I could see the difference. Now I’m considering buying the products.

  45. I would be interested to try the facial products. I bought the nail kit and I like it!

  46. I want to try this one ang see the result.

  47. These Products sound AMAZING! I work ion high street ken, and walk past the shop everyday, i finally went in today and tried some products! unfortunatley couldnt purchase today! But im definitley thinking about it!!!

  48. Wow I neeedddd to try the Dmae Collection, as sadly at the age of 42 the skin around my jawline is starting to head south. I already use the anti aging eye serum, and love the results, so very excited hear about more products to help me stay away from fillers and botox.

  49. I started using OROGOLD in August. I began to see the improvements in my skin within a few days. I follow the regime faithfully and continue to see significant results from OROGOLD products. The skin under and around my eyes is smoother and brighter. The deep wrinkles on my forehead and around my mouth are fading. My skin looks fresh and I feel fresh! I have been back to the store 4 times now and have experienced the wonderful caring staff.

  50. This discovery sounds amazing! I’m glad to see such positive feedback!!

  51. Josephine Alexander

    What an amazing opportunity to try such a luxurious line of cosmetics! The results in those photos are truly amazing. Your ingredients must be so powerful & therefore effective!

  52. I have some of the products and I am looking forward to using them after the articles I have seen.

  53. I would so love to treat my face with your products, perfect timing as I am approaching 40. Thank you for the giveaway. :)

  54. I really love this product…My skin is so soft and perfumed all day and my face look younger than before using this product….You can see fast result using this….Oh!! what can I say..really really great… I just first apply it when I borrowed some from my sister-in-law and ohhhhh.. really wonderful….I feel it’s beauty and greatness of this product…

  55. Silvia Laveda Prawirodidjojo

    I want to try it…. The difference looks really great.. :) Or maybe I could get it for my mother birthday , so that she gonna look younger and prettier 😀 THUMBS UP FOR YOUR PRODUCTS (Y)

  56. I tried the products and I like it . It makes my skin feel smoother and softer.

  57. I would really like to use the product as I need a change and to feel good about my looks and face I have been hearing how magical your products are and really would be gr8 if I had the opportunity to try them

  58. I was pulled into one of the stores with my mother. At first I felt skeptical but after seeing a couple demonstrations I changed my mind. I thought maybe this is the product to finally change my skin. So I purchased the exfoliator and the oil control moisturizer since I have terrible combination skin.
    Well I am pleasantly surprised after just 1 week of use and can’t wait to see the results of using after a month.

    The main reason for going into the store was for my mother but she could not purchase any products. The DMAE line would be a perfect gift for her.

  59. Francesca DiSimone

    I’d love to see what the results would be on me! These photos are amazing testimonials!

  60. Thank you for the article Eliran. I’m started to think your line is going to give my skin a great workout it is in need of – that’s awesome!

  61. Michelle Presley-Stock

    Please help me look and feel younger again Eliran! Thank you for this great giveaway :)

  62. I’ve heard your line is “heavenly” among other great things. I appreciate that your line works at the cellular level.

  63. Wow, incredible results! Would love to see this magic for myself. Very glad there are products like this out there. Amazing!

  64. Hoping that tomorrow will be my lucky day!!

  65. I was in Santa Clarita a week ago, and tried a sample of your magical eye cream and it made such a noticable difference….Almost immediately !!!! Amazing. I would like to find a store closer to my home in Ventura, Ca. I was told there was one in Thousand Oaks, Is this true?

  66. Does DMAE products “stretch” the skin? If so. when you stopped using it, would the skin that was stretched sag even more? I would love to try out the product, but am afraid that it will “stretch” out my skin.

    Am i worrying needlessly?

  67. Thank you for this generous giveaway :)

    I clicked on both photos to see a close up, and really, I am speechless! Their skin looks almost porceline!
    The proof is definitely in the pudding, I’m glad you chose ‘older’ people for these photos. Goes to show, this is really effective!

  68. I want to try these products, iknow someone who had them, thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Kalimahayu Puspitandari

    Looks amazing…. ♡♡
    I would definitely love to try it….
    I’ve been tried your product and it works really well for my skinn…
    OROGOLD is the best product I’ve ever knew :3☆

  70. Friday I bought your orogold deep peeling in Bellevue, WA. Believe it or not I didn’t buy it for my face. I have dry skin but when the Assistant showed me what it can do on my hands, I decided to buy for my feet which also has dry skin issues. I know most would think that is odd to use something so pricey, but when I first used it yesterday, I was very happy with the results. Your product was like giving my feet a pedicure in several minutes and my skin was so soft instantly. Of course it is great for my face, but wanted to let you know your product has more possibilities than what it is being sold for. You might want to consider making a exfoliant for the feet as well.

  71. I like orogold moisturizer. This is a sample that my daughter brought home for me. I’d like to try out for a week. Would love to see how it works on me.

  72. Absolutely LOVE this product. Skin feels like silk after using it, even after the first application. Thank you Orogold!!!!

  73. I’m just buy this product in Malta, it is fantastic!

  74. Got a sample in Bellevue. Trying for the first time today. Hope it is good!!!!

  75. Incredibly results Eliran, incredible! How I would love to experience this on my skin, most especially my eye area which seems to have aged way too fast!

  76. Got to love it – a skincare line that not only will make me look younger, but also teaches me to feed my brain with the proper ingredients! Sounds like the fountain of youth :)

  77. I really value when a skincare line has science to back up it’s results. I’d guess your R & D has some very smart people hard at work. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway, and informative article.

  78. I tried this product in the mall today. Would love to try it out for a month!!

  79. I must say, if Gold worked for Cleopatra, then it’s good enough for me! 😉 hehe
    I’ve just spent some time on youtube listening to testimonials, clearly people are in love with your line because it actually works. Would love love to win! Thank you :)

  80. My boss uses Oro Gold and raves about it. Would absolutely love to win this, perhaps she will give me a raise in my salary if she knows we use the same skincare 😉 Thank you for this opportunity.

  81. Thank you for this opportunity Eliran. I am approaching my 40th birthday in a couple of years. Happy to say that most people think I much younger than my actual age, probably because I do my best to stay out of the sun, in spite of living in southern California my entire life. Your products sound amazing, and most importantly, having read many testimonials, they work in keeping men and women feeling and looking younger!

  82. I recently got the deep peel and am absolutely in love!! Amazing products

  83. I would love to use this product but its beyond my budget :( broke girl problems

  84. I purchased a few products and really love the heating mask. Hope to try more products soon.

  85. After reading all the comment, I’m so excited to try this product. I’m staying In Jeddah K.S.A. where can I buy this OROGOLD COSMETICS here?

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