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OROGOLD Review – How to get rid of puffiness and dark circles

oro gold review

We wake up every single morning with the hopes that we don’t have to look at puffy eyes or dark circles below the eye area. They say that the skin rejuvenates itself while you’re sleeping. So, why are some people tormented with the formation of dark circles and puffy eyes while their body is sleeping. It’s just not fair! Well, it’s definitely unfair, but taking care of your dark circles and puffy eyes is actually quite simple. You can use all sorts of products and solutions to take care of these problems, but very few of them would offer you with the wonders that OROGOLD has to offer. Keren Ballard, a skin specialist who has been with OROGOLD Cosmetics for more than 6 years, offers you with some of the best solutions on how to get rid of puffiness and dark circles.

Causes of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

A swelling in your eye area usually means that a fluid known as edema has accumulated in the surrounding skin tissues. Since the thin around your eye area is the thinnest on your body, this accumulation can be quite prominent and discoloration is a common side effect of edema as well. But, why does edema accumulate in the first place? Keren states that there are a number of reasons why edema  accumulates around your area. Some of the most common reasons include –

  • Dehydration
  • Excessive crying
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Lack of sleep
  • Sinus
  • Allergies
  • Over consumption of salt
  • Aging
  • Genes

Puffy eyes can also be caused when fatty tissues begin to push forward in order to fill in the space right below the eyes. This normally occurs because aging causes the septum to thin out. This leaves a lot of space and allows the fat to come forward. As the fat pushes forward, bags and bulges begin to form under your eye area.

How can OROGOLD Help?

Keren offers readers with a simple and effective way of getting rid of issues like dark circles and puffy eyes. She suggests that people suffering from such problems should use the 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream. Keren mentions that the cream contains Caffeine, an ingredient that can go a long way in reducing dark circles and puffy eyes and also drain out the excessive lymph fluids. Furthermore, the cream also contains ingredients like Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7. Both of these ingredients help in stimulating collagen, which in turn negates the effects of aging in order to improve the condition of your eye area. Keren also speaks about why the 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream contains hylauronic acid. She says that the ingredient helps to improve skin tone and skin elasticity. That’s not all. Research have shown that peptides can go a long way in boosting your skin repair and skin renewal processes.

When all these luxurious ingredients are used in the right formulations, you can be rest assured of enjoying smoother, silkier and younger looking skin. The area around your eyes looks a lot better and things like dark circles and puffy eyes become problems of a bygone era.

For more information on how to use OROGOLD products, please check out Keren’s videos on the OROGOLD Cosmetics YouTube Channel.

About The Author

Keren Ballard is working at OROGOLD Cosmetics for over 6 years. At first in the R&D department and now days she is an account manager in sales department. Keren was part of the creation process of OROGOLD and was involved in the development of the product line.


  1. Terressa Ferguson Zook

    Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful product.

    • Good luck Terressa! do you currently own any ORO GOLD products?

      • Yes. I own 5 items.
        – Day moisturizer, 24 gold deep peeling,24 K vitaminC, hand cream and body cream. I am in love with your products and wanted to order some more when I finish them and will get it soon. I feel great and beautiful with this products and won’t change to another product. Thank you for your effort to make us more beautiful :).

    • I Have used many store products…I am a male 34 years of age…I started using orogold products about 7 months ago….I was skepical at first..I must admit now im sold…I am being told I look 24…I am in love with Oro Gold products…Give these products a chance and wait to be amazed…The results speak for themselves…

  2. I love the OroGold eye product for dark circles. Many friends and family have commented in the amazing difference OroGold makes. One friend said “you look gorgeous.” It feels so nice that people notice the difference. Thanks so much OroGold.

  3. I just recently started noticing puffiness and dark circles around my eyes. I tried so many products nothing has worked yet. I would love to get the chance to try your eye products to see if it works. But I am skeptical. Because so many companies claim that their product is the one. Just because something is expensive does not necessarily mean it works. But I am searching for that product that will make a difference on my skin and eyes……but I do love the c booster and the bionic serum. And eventually might try the caviar serum

  4. Patricia henley Parks

    I currently own, your anti aging moisturizer and your face wash. My daughter owns the face wash and the day moisturizer. I would love to try these dark circle products because since I am a mom, it is hard to always look great. But OroGold does a lot for my skin and its not just for people my age. Its for anyone who wants flawless skin. So I would recommend this to everyone. In fact, I already have told a lot of my friends.

  5. I fell in love with this brand and have seen a noticeable difference instantly and over time. I try to not to waste any of it and use it to the very last drop! My under eyes are puffy and dark, but I am skeptical to try just any product. Having experience with the Orodold day and night moisturizers I have no doubt this would work well for me. Since I am on a tight budget I would absolutely love to try these products for free. Thank you Orogold for your wonderful products and this opportunity to try new ones!

  6. I love Oro Gold products! I am currently using the 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask & it really makes a big difference! I just used it before attending a class reunion & was asked so many times what I do to stay looking young after 30 years…..I told them Oro Gold!

  7. I have just purchased my first few Oro Gold products and so far I am loving them. I would love to try the eye serum and eye cream as I am noticing I have puffiness and darkness in my eye area now that I didn’t used to have and I would love to get rid of it. I also have 3 daughters who I am introducing to your products and they are loving them too and we would enjoy the opportunity to try these new products for free. Please consider us for your promotion. thanks.

  8. Thank you for such an informative article and video. Although I’m blessed not to have to worry about dark circles, I have experienced puffiness and crepiness under my eyes, due to aging. I especially notice these issues when I don’t drink enough water, or when I consume products with too much sodium/salt; stress and a lack of sleep are also issues. Your products sound ideal for my needs and I’d love to win and experience these eye care products. Both sound very gentle and effective.

  9. sheena mariee eaton

    These two eye products sound just as divine as all of your other products! thank you for the tips and information! I had no idea that salty foods before bed had such an effect! Thank you for the opportunity to win your amazing products!! Goodluck to everyone!!!

  10. I have been using both of these products together for 18 months, I’m on my second purchase of both and am planning on using forever! I’m 46 years old and feel like I have never looked or felt better. Thanks Oro Gold!

  11. I’m glad I read that info as I would eat popcorn ot crisps before bed. I’ll switch to cereal instead!
    I have purchased the nail kit and body exfoliator from ye. I love it!

  12. Thank you so much for such an informative article, Keren! I have been a loyal Oro Gold 24k Day Cream user for the past 5 years and my skin just doesn’t have the same glow if I use any other brand. I get compliments everywhere I go since I’ve been using this stuff! :) I just recently went to a new dermatologist since I moved to NYC for my annual skin check, and the doctor asked me if I was wearing makeup, as she was taking a look at my face. She was shocked to hear that I wasn’t wearing any at all. Since I am getting into my 30s now, I am more concerned about anti aging eye care, and would love the opportunity to have a chance to try out the 24K Eye Serum and Cream combination. I would be so excited to increase my current daily routine of 24K Gold as I am such a huge fan of this incredible brand! :)

  13. Thank you so much for the informative article. Roof old products are spectacular. I have already told my mother, daughters, and best friends about the products! Praying for a chance to win and share some with the as well.

  14. You are right – waking in the morning to see my eyes so puffy when I feel rested is very frustrating. I’d love to try your product.

  15. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful product. I love Oro Gold products!!!

  16. Hi Oro Gold. A friend told me about you. I’m 53 and am starting to notice wrinkles around my eyes. This giveaway sounds like something I could use! I would love to look more bright and refreshed!

  17. Thank u for this great opportunity! I hope I win heaven knows I need this product. Before my bags get really bad I would like to try preventive products such as this. Thank you for once again.

  18. Enjoyed reading your article…never thought of reducing salty foods before bed but makes total sence,thanks!! When I was at the mall, I had the chance to sample your product ORO Gold….awesome product!! To get the chance to win it would even be more awesome…especially being a med student, many nights of late studying…be nice to look fresh and awake!!! Thanks Mady

  19. Great article Karen. Really love all the products. Whether I win this product or not, definitely getting one for me and my sister.

  20. I just recently purchased the Orogold peel, day and night moisturizers. I’m in love with these products and would love to add the Orogold eye products to my collection!!!!!

  21. Denise Camarneiro

    I love your 24 k Anti-aging eye serum!

  22. Absolutely love the 24k deep peel… I tried the eye formula as a sample in the store, but didn’t see any change. I use the deep peel and saw a difference in the removal of blackhead. I love the day/night moisturizer. Thanks to Jorden at the STC store for all the help and informing me about the travel pack was also a good choice, for all my upcoming travels…….. can’t wait for my facial next month.

    Great product thanks for bringing it to the Scarborough.

  23. Just tired this for first time while visiting my sister who is a big fan of this product i could see instant results

  24. I was in Dallas on business and was stopped by one of the Orogold associates and tried the eye treatment. I didn’t buy anything because I was a little skeptical of how my sensitive skin would react later. The next day one of my colleagues asked what I did differently to my eyes. I was shocked that anyone had noticed a difference. I need to spend more time in an Orogold store and get more information on this product. I keep coming to visit the website to learn more and find myself wishing I had made a purchase or at least wrote down which products they used!

  25. I’ve just started using your products and would love a chance to win these wonderful products. I’m turning 50 in a few weeks and would love to be able to get rid of the fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around my eyes. Thank you for the outstanding article which was very informative.

  26. I tried some Oro Gold samples today.It was a great experience !! Thank you chance to try it for free.

  27. I love Orogold.
    At least that is the only reason I can use to explain why I spend an abundant amount of my earnings in one store. Some may say that Orogold is a rip-off and that you are better off getting of standard commercial products, but that is simply not true. If you ever have the chance, visit an Orogold store. Just at a glance you can almost understand that their enterprise values quality over all other matters. Yes, there prices are high. However, the results achieved, I consider, well compensate for that matter. So far I have acquired the 24k Vitamin C mask, 24k Deep peeling, 24k Day Day Moisturizing cream, 24k 2-Step Cleansing kit, 24k Vitamin C Facial cleanser, and the 24k Bio-Brightening Solution.
    It has completely changed my skin.
    Its not something obvious nor radical, rather its very subtle and genuine in that sense. My complexion has this youthful, full appearance. That, I owe to the 24k Deep Peeling, which serves to remove the accumulated dead skin cells my face sheds every week. Afterwards, the 24k Vitamin C mask gives my face this surge of “freshness” with all the vitamin it provides, like a little boost at the end of a long week. It also allows the silky texture of my skin to be created, and with the 24k Deep day Moisturizing cream that silkiness is prolonged. The 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is just a joy to have for it feels like it really cleans my skin by stripping all unneeded oil and dirt while not leaving my skin dry. Once you add the Bio-Brightening in there, to fix all of my previously existing flaws, well you get this amazing skin that just radiates.
    To be honest, while my skin looks and feels great it can still be improved. The store manager at Stonestown galleria gave me a demonstration of the Termica Energizing mask. It is, without a doubt, the best Orogold product iI have tried. He, the manager, only used the mask on half my face for only 5 mins. When the mask came off, and I stared at the magnifying glass, I was beyond words. You know all those little pores you have on your nose and perhaps on your cheek? Well on one side of my face they were closed as if they were half way to being photoshopped off. The Termica collection is incredible, just like all off Orogold.
    Is it expensive? Yes.
    Does it work? Yes.
    Is it worth it? A million times Yes.

  28. Very informative article. Love to win!

  29. hoping to try your amazing beauty products soon!

  30. I just recently started using Orogold and I am totally in love! I look forward to washing my face with the cleanser and then applying the day/night creme. My complexion has already improved tremendously and I feel beautiful. I do have a problem, which started very recently with dark circles and puffiness around my eyes. Not very attractive when you look like someone who has not slept one wink. I would love to try the eye treatment! I like to take care of my skin and not look like I am 50. Please help!
    I want to thank the wonderful employee Jonathan for introducing me to your wonderful products. My skin feels young again, except for those darn circles!

  31. beverly ann gonzales

    Sounds very interesting. Heard a lot of this from a friend but never tried the product.

  32. I have the 24k gold day cream as well as the deep peel. There is no substitute for either, I have used other skin products similar in price range such as La Mer which is a favorite to those who haven’t tried Oro gold before. I must say the ingredients, texture, and results are superior in Oro Gold when comparing the two. Also the quantity Oro gold offers is slightly more abundant. People will invest in what is important to them. If you don’t care about your appearance then investing in a product like this many seem ooutrageous. However, If you are looking for a solution to tired skin. This is it! It will give you significant results that will have you coming back for more.

  33. I noticed one of the ladies in my office looking radiant and her skin had actually changed in texture having a younger look to it. She explained she was using the bio-brightening solution and eye serum and she offered to bring me samples of both. I tried it and within 2 days I noticed a huge difference!! We have heard great things about the masque, and even though it appears to be pricy… there is no comparision to the cost of laser treatments! I am looking forward to trying the masque as well :)

  34. Mary Ellen Gaetin

    I tried the eye cream on at the mall & fell in love with how it reduced my crows feet. My friends all use it but i think i want to try it again to make sure it is worth the price it cost..

  35. I have never found an eye cream yet to treat dark circles and puffy eyes that has worked for me. I would like to try a sample before buying.

  36. I’ve been trying the deep skin peeling and the moisturizer for about one month, and within the first days of using this product, my face cleared up! The acne I’ve been suffering from since I was twelve(now 21) is finally being treated with something that actually works. I love this product. I am definitely getting my money’s worth :)

  37. I tried the sample of 24k moisturizing cream and I fell in love with it, so I went to buy it.
    Can’t wait to try the eye formula and serum, and recommend it to my friends and family.
    I hope to try all the products from OROGOLD, and add to my collection.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  38. I would love to win these two Oro Gold products for the eyes. I have a few Oro Gold products and absolutely love them.

  39. I only recently noticed the dark circles forming under my eyes. I didn’t even know where to start looking for products to use that could diminish or rid them. Then I received a sample of your product (the 24K Moisturizing Day Cream) and researched your product lines. What an amazing solution to skin care. I look forward to using them!

  40. My mom told me about your new store at STC and I walked into the store and instantly fell in love with the products and staff :). I kept telling the sales associate that I was coming back my next pay to pick up the nail kit and the deep cleansing pack. Which i am :)

  41. This stuff is truly GOLD!!! Simply amazing and the results are clear!

  42. Purchased my first orogold products on Sunday after being introduced by a member of your team at carasoul shopping centre in Perth love how the deep peeling products makes ur skin feel :) my face has never felt so cleansed/ fresh. The daily moisturiser is also brilliant I can notice a difference in my skin already and it’s only day number 4 from I started using your products :) thank you

  43. A salesgirl gave me the sample of OROGOLD 24K Moisturizing Day Cream and boy I loved it! it really keeps my face moist all day and night.

    Will definitely try the eye cream!

  44. Orogold has definitely made an impression on me. I recently stopped by the orogold store at the mall where they showed me the eye care set and made a demonstaration. My eyes seemed to be puffy at the beginning after the one application I could see the brightness and how alive my eyes looked.This eye cream is truly all in one, you get the cafeeine, the green tea and a little more to help us feel fresh. It’d be great to have the privilege of owning this set! Looking forward to it and thank you for the opportunity to participate!

  45. I tried Orogold deep peeling and was shocked by the results. It was actually better than getting a facial! One application a week and your skin will be smooth, soft and clean. I strongly recommend this product!

  46. love this product ,bought several items when on vacation in san francisco from a promotional stand in bloomindales back in september , never regreted buying this product , truly amazing , will continue to use this brand, fantastic results even my partener think so
    julie lorello

  47. I am very impress with OROGOLD products.Initially I was very hesitant in buying because of the prices but one thing for sure after using it for 3 weeks I am glad that I stopped by in their counter in San Francisco Westfeild Mall and was assisted by Karin who not only was only very helpful but genuinely pleasant to talk to and generous in giving me samples to try.Right at this moment,I am using 24K deep peeling,24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer(Karin gave this to me, as a bonus )24 Anti-aging Eye serum and the Eye Formula and the once a month eye mask…
    Orogold products does deliver what they promise in their ads…I am happy that I bought a product that is very good to my skin(eventhough of its price).Like what Karin said that made me realized because their products come in big sizes i can use it for a year and looking it at that way it seemed not too expensive at all plus the fact that it really works.I see the effects after over a week of using it. I saw the difference and how much my skin improved.My friends noticed it too.
    Thank You Karin and OroGold.

  48. Like many others, I was walking through the mall and was approached by a sales person offering a sample face cream and inviting me to see some skin care products. I usually don’t take anyone up on offers to come into a store or up to a kiosk, however for some strange reason I did that day. I was amazed at the difference a sample of the eye serum and cream made in just 5 minutes. I purchased them both, rather nervous about the price tag, and went home and started investigating Orogold. I was dismayed to see negative comments on some major websites and thought I had foolisly spent a lot of money. Well, the products were mine, and I decided to give it a go. What can I say? I am so glad I didn’t listen to those negative revews. I am currently 53 years old, and frequently stressed from my professional practice, the daily chaos of being a busy mom and wife, and never get enough sleep. All have led to increasing fine lines, expression lines, and loss of firmness. I have continued to use both Orogold eye products, and purchased additional products due to their fantastic skin changing effects. I currently own the 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream, the 24K Gold Anti-Aging Eye Serum, the Termica Energizing Mask, the Termica Activation Serum, the Termica Completion Cream, and just recently acquired the 24K DMAE Lifting Concentrate Serum, 24K DMAE Instant Stretching Mask, and the 24K DMAE Lifting and Firming Cream. My skin continues to become more firm, my fine lines lessen, my complexion is more clear and glowing, my eyes have not looked this good in 13 years, and the plumping effect is wonderful. I will continue to add daily use products over time with confidence. I am a customer for life regardless of price and definitely recommend this skin care line. Like many other things in life, you pay for what you get!

  49. I would love to try this product. The regal of it would be superb and how you can go wrong with Denise Richards?

  50. just purchased in Honolulu – amazing – I have tried everything and these products are simply the best! thank you orogold for making such a fabulous product!

  51. I have just bought 4 products and already loving it! You need to spoil yourself and looking after your skin should be natural…. but I decided I will spoil myself with excellent products!

  52. I was strolling down Duval St. in Key West and the OroGold Cosmetic store’s associate offered me a sample and invited me in. It was a very hot day and any remnants of make-up and moisturizer had melt off at that point. She applied the collagen and intensive eye treatment to my right eye area (which by that time had double puffy bags). Then the owner (Roy) came over and demonstrated how it could also work on those little lines around my mouth, above my lips. The result was instantaneous and very dramatic! I fell in love. I was in the midst of moving and had just committed all of my cash to the move, so I have not (as yet) purchased any of your product. I have told all of my friends about my experience. I am so excited about it and cannot wait until I get my first paycheck from my new job to buy some. But while I am waiting, I would so LOVE to win some.

  53. After trying several OroGold products at one of your stores recently, I purchased the C Serum. I also tried the day moisturizing cream, left my skin unbelievably soft. I have a facial session coming up at your store that I am looking forward to. Reading about your product has been beneficial; however, it will be more beneficial once I experience the facial and I can then make a more intelligent decision on what products to purchase.

    Thank you OroGold!

  54. Love your products, don’t know if i can buy them in Norway? Bought it on holiday, so I stock up whenever I have the chance:-)

  55. Dear Oro Gold,
    Thank you so very much for he opportunity to be beautiful! I will be 47 next week; I tell my family and close friends that I am 23 and a half on the top and 23 and a half on the the bottom with a great big plus sign in the middle! Now I can LOOK 23 and a half on the top!
    I attended a conference this past week in San Diego an was afforded the opportunity to try your products. I have never viewed myself as being beautiful before but, your sales person Anna made me feel as though I was the most important, deserving and beautiful person in the world. My office staffs tell me ” you have your frown on” as I have a huge furrow in between my eyes when I’m upset or angry or happy. Okay I confess it is there all the time! I have have tried Botox and filler before to the tune of $1100.00 , it was not the best experience the furrow was still there! Anna introduced me to your products and my furrow melted away! I was absolutely amazed! As were the others that were there with me. What a confidence booster!
    I want to thank you and Anna for making me feel BEAUTIFUL as well as look wonderful and younger. I purchased products that day. I would love, love, love to win the Eye formulas! My eyes would be as beautiful as my vanishing furrow!
    Sincerely Happy, JoAnn Bond

  56. I first learnt about Oro Gold in NYC. I was quite amazed by the products, they glide on like silk and leaves
    the skin so very soft and fresh like a spring morning. The smell is lovely too. I would recommend these cosmetics to my friends.

  57. Got a sample and love it! I would love to try eye products!

  58. Dear Orogold, I use your products for two years and I am really satisfied. However I have lots of problems with ordering items and delivery to Slovenia. Where is the nearest store or the easiest way for me to buy everything?

  59. Merlina Valenzuela

    I am a nurse and been working 10 years on graveyard shift, developed this puffy and dark circled eyes. Tried your product and been so happy of the result. Thank you for the efforts of making us pretty as ever.

  60. Can’t get a man to buy you nice things? Mine does!! He introduced me to your products while we were on our wedding anniversary trip,, but instead of being angry for spoiling me tenfold, I was thrilled! Checked into the website today to purchase more and saw your invitation. :-)
    I’m having a nice day,
    Have a wonderful day too!

  61. I heard about your products from my sister. I’ve recently been looking for a new eye cream. Would love to try your product!

  62. I have used ALL the other products at the high end stores and then some!!! I just started using Orogold a few weeks ago and would love to expand my collection with your offer as it beats the competition hands-down!!! I can’t say enough good things about Orogold products! It has literally changed my life!!!!!

  63. I’m hoping this product works. Just bought some products so I guess I will have to wait and see.

  64. I love ORO GOLD! I have tried several products and I love each and every one of them. There is no better brand on the market. My whole family loves ORO GOLD. What a wonderful promotion! PICK ME PLEASE!!!! <3

  65. I was in Honolulu HI last month on a vacation of a lifetime. I was out shopping and the most courteous (nice looking) man was standing out front of OROGOLD. He offered me a little gift bag as I walked by. I thought nothing of it, put it in my shopping bag and went along my merry way. I had never heard of OROGOLD and did not realize until I got home and tried the product how lucky I was. In my gift bag were samples of 24K Moisturizing Day Cream. I love this cream. I came to the website to order more and saw the opportunity to share my experience. I love the fact that you provide so much information on how and why your products work. It is so exciting to have the opportunity to try to win some thing else to try. Thank you OROGOLD.

  66. I just purchased the DMAE lifting serum and the Temica activation serum. I’m not really sure what the difference is between the two though. Would love for you to explain it to me.
    I’ve had dark circles under my eyes for quite some time and nothing has been able to help them. Now I also have bags under my eyes. Double whammy! Would love to win the items and hopefully finally find something to help with the dark circles AND the bags under my eyes. Thanks so much for having this contest.

  67. I should tell you what happened in a few weeks of using Orogold. 1) The scar on my chin, from a car accident, has smoothed out and it isn’t as noticeable!! 2) I have quite a lot of age spots and freckles across my cheeks and nose. Some of them I know are from fishing and being in the sun all those years! I can’t believe it but they are actually fading right before my eyes! 3) I had bags under my eyes – not puffiness – but bags! They are almost gone! 4) my skin-tone was uneven and I was embarrassed to be seen without makeup. Believe it or not, now I can go without makeup!!! I visited my hair stylist ,that I’ve been going to for 19 years and she said,”What happened to you? You look ten years younger!” This is why I said Orogold has changed my life. I feel like a new person!

  68. I was given a sample of Orogold day cream – wonderful – will now order

  69. I’ve started using orogold last month for the fist time and I really enjoy using this product. I will definately be checking out some other of the prodcuts other then the one I got.

  70. I new your product in los Angeles, California, I am Mexican, and ai would like to buy or sell your producto here in mexico. The lady give me one sample and I like it very much I am a Lady who has 62 years old, and I don’t want to look old. thank you I want to answer me. ok.

  71. Hi!!! My experience with this products is fantastic i been using the product for about two to three months and i really love it i see a lot of difference In my skin i have about 12 products im so exciting to try some of the others specially the caviar one or nano also my husband is in the product now.i really what to thank orogold for the amazing results.

  72. I love that your 24k Intensive eye cream contains caffiene. I think that I would benefit greatly by using this product to reduce puffiness and help in tightening up around the eyes.

  73. The sales person used some of this product on my eyes and it worked great! I would love a chance to win some.

  74. Nantille Charbonnet`

    I love the Oro Gold products especially the day creme because it brightens your face and tightens due to the real gold tiny particles. Gold is the best conductor of electricity so when you wear gold even in creme it pulls electricity out the air and charges your body and skin. It is a gift from nature and I happy the company knows how to harness it to make us look fresh and beautiful. It works almost like acupuncture but instead of using needles it charges you with gold.


    I am 59 yrs old and have tried so many products for anti-aging cosmetics! I am using the OROGOLD 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream and feel that I have found the product I am going to keep using! I can actually see and feel that my complexion is improving and the month isn’t even over. My dark spots are getting lighter and my laugh lines are not as deep as they had been! I am also excited to try other products such as your Foundation products etc.

    Thank YOU!

  76. What fabulous feedback Oro Gold! As someone who world in the anti ageing field I am extremely interested to try the Oro Gold products to experience the fuss for myself! I am always being asked for solutions for dark circles and bags under the looks like I might have found it!

  77. I’m really happy with the product is been working really good for me thank you OroGold for helping me look beutiful

  78. Hello, I have the Origold hand cream, it’s the best I’ve ever used. Would love to try other products.
    Many thanks

  79. I have just recently heard about Oro Gold and really excited about trying it. I have really sensitive skin and almost everything breaks me out. I usually use Lancome or Clinique makeup.

  80. Helen Bergman Jobe

    I am 58 years old and have been using all of Oro Gold products for about two years now. I still have as many winkles as I did before I started using Oro Gold, but my skin just looks better! It looks lifted and it radiates health and a glow that I have not experienced with any other products. I will continue to use Oro Gold products because they deliver results!

  81. I was in Key West recently and received a little sample packet as I walked by your store. The sample was the 24k day cream. I love it !!! I can’t believe what a great product it is. It makes my skin look very smooth and youthful. Thank you so much for beautifying the world through your products !!

  82. Lately I was introduced to Oro Gold products surprisingly by one of your clients selling the various items. This was only the day before yesterday, Saturday. To tell you the truth I was very very surprised with the price and I do not know how I submitted to accept the offer of buying 24 K vitamin C facial cleanser ,Deep peeling,Day moisturing cream besides facial musk and 24 K Bio brightening solution. Hope it is not a rip off, because till now what convinced me was the difference I saw after the treatment I had on my half face including my eye compared to the other half. First and foremost I am 66 years old and being a pensioner with very limited budget I was sort of taken by the fact that the product will help to diminish my increasing fine lines and puffy eyes and pigmentation not to mention the wrinkles. I sincerely hope that I did not make the biggest mistakes of my life and will the desired result and see that I look some years younger. I wish that I could stand a chance to win your offer!!

  83. I enjoy using your products, even though the sale associates and tactics are very obnoxious! Once again, a product will always speak for itself.

  84. So I have very sensitve skin and was relucant to try anything new on my face.
    I received a sample of the ORO gold daily mosturizer and not only have it managed to sooth my sensitve skin I noticed an improvement in the clarity and texture.
    A truly amazing product!!
    I think if you’re reading this, try it and you’ll be pleasently surprised…you might even get hooked like I have!
    Would love to win the eye cream and serum to see how these products would benefit the most sensitve area on any face, the delicate skin around the eyes.
    Thank you for your products OroGold. You really know what your clients needs are!

  85. I just bought oro gold 24K moisturiser recommended by my friend who is using this cosmetic for many years.She looks 20yrs younger becoz of using this product.I cannot want to look like her,so I bought it without a question.

  86. I’m currntly visiting NYC from England + was introduced to Orogold earlier today by one of your sales reps, Talia; she was AMAZING. her product knowledge was second to none + her passion for the products really shon through.

    Talia tried these eye products on me – I could see a difference straight away; brighter, tighter, laughter lines finer! She also demonstrated the peeling on me; which I bought. Unfortunately, my budget couldn’t stretch to buying the eye products too. They are definitely on my wish list!


    PS: the peeling is gorgeous! I’m currently laying in my hotel room, looking out over Times Square with the softest + most radiant complexion I’ve had in such a long time!

  87. I have recently just started using orogold my aunt had purchased a while but I had my eyes set on itand I finally got there priduct rreally made a difference to my skinn texture with deep pire cleanser , serum and facial mask this is one product that I’d give a 10/10 too the price is well worth it ever since then ive referred over 15customers and they all love the product thanksand Ii hope ill be able to get the prize(: !

  88. Thanks for the article. Hopefully it will work on my dark eye circles. I would love to try it out sometimes.

  89. I was in San Francisco Westfield shopping mall, the beautiful Lady from Orogold stand inside the mall say hello and gave me 1 sachet of free sample and ask me to sit down and she performed the amazing product start from peeling cleanser, moisturizer, hot mask and eye cream. because of her talented product, I bough the whole sets for $1400. thank you very much for sharing this product. if I win these two product, I would like to give it to my mom so she can try and will buy some more product from Orogold 😉

  90. On holiday in Key West I was given a demonstration of Orogold. The affect was beautiful. I didn’t buy any but I wish I had so perhapd I may win some of your products and the tips from Keren are amazing going to try them. Thankyou.
    Eileen Hughes.

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