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OROGOLD’s Shaving Tips for Men – ORO GOLD Reviews

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They say it’s a man’s world, but whatever happened to taking care of the male skin when it comes to skin care. Gone are the days when men move around with little care to their personal hygiene or physical appearance. The modern day man is as concerned about his looks as his female counterparts, if not more. However, the world of skin care is still dominated by companies and brands that specifically cater to the female skin. OROGOLD tries to balance out this issue by offering a unique collection of skin care products that work perfectly for both men as well as women. We also offer a specially designed Men’s Collection to allow our male customers to take care of the special demands of their skin. For all those of you still wondering about how a guy should take care of his skin, OROGOLD reviews some of the best men’s skin care tips and helps you understand how to deal with your skin.


Stress the razor quality

Most articles that offer tips on how to deal with the male skin primarily concentrate on the skin care routine and processes like cleansing, exfoliating, after shaves and moisturizing. However, very few articles deal with the biggest problem – razors. The razor you choose can go a long way in determining your skin quality. You always find those ads about four blades, five blades or battery powered blades for the closest and cleanest shave. As attractive as this sounds, do you really know what this does to your skin? Experts suggest that you should always choose a razor that suits your beard coarseness and your skin sensitivity. Using razors that offer multiple blades is more than likely to give you ingrown hairs or razor burns because of the fact that the extra blades cut it too fine and pull the hairs below your skin. The ideal solution is to use one of those single/ double blade razors because they don’t cut as close as the multiple blade ones.


Follow the hair growth

Another common mistake made by most people is to shave against the direction of the hair growth. You might like to believe that it gives you a better shave, but that’s not necessarily true. Shaving against your hair growth can lead to issues like hair damage, inflammation, ingrown hairs and skin irritation. The best thing to do is to follow your hair growth for a smooth and comfortable shave.


Don’t rush your shave

Rushing off with your shave is only going to make matters worse. Contrary to what you see on the television, shaving requires a lot of care and  delicate touch. Rushing off with the shave is the fastest way to skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Give yourself enough time to shave and offer your skin with a minute between washing and shaving.

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