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OROGOLD on Skin Care for Lazy Women

Lazy girl turning off her alarm clockThere are three types of lazy women – the lazy ones, the super lazy ones and the laziest ones. Sleeping till almost 10.00AM is lazy. Having breakfast in bed is super lazy. And spending the entire weekend on the couch watching one TV show after another is by far the laziest. If you feel like you can relate to any one of these definitions and still wish to really be able to do something about your skin (while being lazy), OROGOLD Cosmetics offers you with just the right solutions that ensure that you get the maximum results for the minimum efforts. This article from OROGOLD deals with all sorts of issues – wrinkles, pimples, puffiness, crow’s feet, dry skin and redness.

OROGOLD on Fighting Wrinkles

  • For the lazy women – Using a broad spectrum sunscreen that offers SPF 30 sun protection is non-negotiable. But, the sunscreen will work much better if you use it over an antioxidant serum. Antioxidants help to protect your skin from free radical damage and sun damage and they offer you with the extra protection that your skin needs to stay free from wrinkles.
  • For the super lazy women – Always use retinol based products in the evening because they make the skin sensitive to the sun. All you need to do is apply a small amount of the product before you start off with your daily TV drama. Start off with your retinol application slowly and increase the frequency over a few weeks.
  • For the laziest women – Use a multi-vitamin moisturizer that offers you with a healthy dose of protection as well as repair.

OROGOLD on Treating Crow’s Feet

  • For the lazy women – Add some retinol based products to your eye care routine. Skip out on those creams if you need to. All you need is an effective serum that contains a gentler form of retinol and other anti-aging ingredients.
  • For the super lazy women – You might have just realized that you haven’t applied a moisturizer all week and need an immediate fix before a big meeting. All you have to do is apply a damp washcloth on your eye area for a few minutes and follow it up with a lightweight moisturizer. Your issues should be less noticeable for a few hours.
  • For the laziest women – Go and get some sleep. Sleeping is the ideal way to repair your fine lines. And when you do wake up, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply an eye serum that deals with issues like crow’s feet.

OROGOLD on Treating Puffy Eyes

  • For the lazy women – Use an eye serum on your under eye area to soothe the inflammation. Look for products that contain ingredients like caffeine and cucumber extracts.
  • For the super lazy women – Refrigerate your eye serum overnight and apply it every morning on your skin. This should help you get an instant fix and diminish your puffiness.
  • For the laziest women Sleep on top of two pillows. The gravity drains fluids from the eye area and this makes the eye area look less puffy the next day. Hopefully, you won’t mind using an eye serum the next day. But even if you don’t, your eye area should still look better than normal.

OROGOLD on Treating Pimples

  • For the lazy women – Use products that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. It might take you a week to get rid of the pimples, so be sincere about it every morning. And no, higher concentrations won’t make the pimple go away faster. They might end up irritating the pimple and making things worse though.  
  • For the super lazy women – Apply some hydrocortisone cream on your eye area. Leave it on the skin for about 15 minutes.
  • For the laziest women Use your makeup to hide away all traces of the pimple. As tempting as it might seem to be, don’t go for an quick fix. Never pop your pimples. It might end up scarring your face and leaving pimple scars.

OROGOLD on Moisturizing Dry Skin

  • For the lazy women – Apply a good facial moisturizer that contains an excellent dose of vitamins and nutrients every morning. Don’t forget to add a rich night cream to your skin care routine.
  • For the super lazy women – If you’re not super enthusiastic about using two moisturizers every day, use facial cleansers that contain ingredients like Shea butter. They might not be as effective, but they can at least offer some results.
  • For the laziest women Install a humidifier in your home and let it do all the work for you. Avoid using harsh cleansers or harsh skin care products.

OROGOLD on Skin Brightening

  • For the lazy women – Exfoliate your skin once or twice every week. Exfoliating your skin gives it a smoother appearance and this makes it look brighter and lighter. Add a gentle scrub to your cleansing routine to double up the benefits.
  • For the super lazy women – Use a deep peel that exfoliates the skin, but is gentle enough to ensure that it doesn’t cause skin damage. Look for peels that contain ingredients like AHAs or BHAs.
  • For the laziest women Jumping jacks for a couple of minutes or some steamy sex with your partner is the way to go. Your skin will glow for an hour or so because the oil glands are stimulated and the blood vessels are dilated. If you’re looking for something else, sit on a chair and place your head between your knees. Stay in that position for a minute. This should make your cheeks glow for some time.

OROGOLD on Diminishing Redness

  • For the lazy women – Look out for products like rich moisturizers that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients. Use these moisturizers twice, once in the morning and once at night, and things should become better within no time.
  • For the super lazy women – Place an ice cube on your face and press it into the skin. This helps to relieve redness.
  • For the laziest women Use a facial mask once every week. All you have to do is apply the mask and sit back and enjoy. Take off the mask after 15 – 20 minutes and enjoy glowing and healthy looking skin.
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