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OROGOLD Reviews the Top Skin Care Myths

How do you determine whether what you know about your skin and whether the skin care advice offered to you is true? Skin care brands offer you with all sorts of promises and tips to sell their products. Your friends probably have as much knowledge as you do. In times like these, you usually end up following the general opinion, believing them to be right. However, OROGOLD discovered a number of tips that are actually causing you more harm in the long run. There are all sorts of skin care myths that people believe to be beneficial, but in reality, these things cause more damage to the skin. In this article, OROGOLD examines the top skin care myths that usually end up confusing you and making proper skin care all the more difficult.

Skin Care Myth # 1 – Natural products work best on the skin

First of all, how do you define “natural”? The word natural can be used to describe just about anything in the world of skin care and in most cases, skin care brands simply use the word from a marketing perspective. Most cosmetic and skin care brands use synthetic ingredients in their product formulations. Just because a product is made from a plant doesn’t make it more effective than something that has been created in a lab. You need to become smart when understanding skin care ingredients.

dermatologist doctor inspecting woman skin for skin care issuesSkin Care Myth # 2 – A dermatologist can diagnose all your skin issues

Medicine is a science, but it is also known to be an art form. Although dermatologists spend a lot time studying about the skin, there are several types of rashes that can fit multiple disease profiles. As a result, there might be cases where your dermatologists fail to diagnose all your skin issues. In most of these cases, the way your skin responds to treatment allows your dermatologist to make observations and narrow down the issue.

Skin Care Myth # 3 – Men don’t suffer from as many skin problems as women

The male skin wrinkles as much as the female skin. Men also suffer from issues like atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis; the way women do. Men also have additional issues to deal with, issues like ingrown hairs and razor burns. However, men traditionally never paid a lot of attention to their skin. That being said, modern day society has become extremely cosmopolitan and most men have now become very conscious about their skin and their looks.

Skin Care Myth # 4 – You can expect instant results with the right skin care products

No skin care product can give you immediate results. Any brand that tells you otherwise is taking you for a ride. Some of the effective products might offer temporary improvements, but they require at least 4 – 8 weeks to offer permanent improvements to your skin. Moreover, certain issues like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis are chronic in nature. This means that they can only get better with regular treatment and instantly reappear when the treatment stops.

Skin Care Myth # 5 – Tanning does not cause any harm

One of the most common myths about skin care is that tanning the skin does not cause any damage. Whether you tan the skin naturally or in one of those tanning booths, tanning the skin causes a lot of damage to the skin. For starters, your skin gets exposed to the harmful UVA and UVB rays and these are the main culprits of skin aging. Both of them can lead to all sorts of issues like infections, aging skin, cancer, wrinkles and skin disorders. Moreover, the damage keeps getting accumulated and only ends up revealing itself once you grow older.

Looking for the perfect present! Skin Care Myth # 6 – Adding the right skin care product is all you need for flawless looking skin

Your skin is like a table. It depends on four legs to balance itself. Removing any one of these legs is likely to make the table fall. The four legs in terms of your skin include your diet, your lifestyle, your skin care routine and exercise. You need to ensure that you take proper care of all four aspects if you’re looking to enjoy flawless and beautiful looking skin. Just taking care of one aspect of your skin care and ignoring the rest won’t get you anywhere. Sure, there are some products that are more effective than others, but skin care products are just one part of the equation.

Skin Care Myth # 7 – Dry skin leads to wrinkles

Wrinkles occur as your skin begins to age and it can be caused by all sorts of factors. Your wrinkled skin might look better when it is moisturized, but there is no evidence that wrinkles are caused due to dry skin. The things that are the main culprits when it comes to wrinkles are unprotected sun exposure, tanning booths, smoking, improper skin care and aging.

Skin Care Myth # 8 – Your diet causes acne

Acne is not caused by what you eat, but because of the over-production of oil on your skin. The extra oil ends up blocking your pores and this leads to acne. The amount of oil that is produced in your skin is not regulated by your food, but by your hormones. This means that things like greasy food, fast foods and sodas don’t cause acne. Sure, they damage the skin, but they’re not responsible for your acne issues.

Skin Care Myth # 9 – Expensive products are better than cheaper ones

There is no guarantee that an expensive product is good and a cheap product is bad. A skin care product is defined by the ingredients that are used in its formulation and not by its price tag. Base your decisions on the ingredient lists of your products. Yes, there are a number of luxury brands that are really amazing, but the effects are mostly because of the amazing ingredients that they use.

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