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OROGOLD Reviews How to Start a Basic Skin Care Routine

Finding the right products for your skin can prove to be one of the most difficult challenges to take on. Browsing through hundreds of brands and thousands of products to find that one product that really works is not easy. OROGOLD helps you to narrow down your choices and learn how to start off with a basic skin care routine. This OROGOLD Cosmetics guide to the perfect skin care routine is all you need to set yourself on the right track for finding products that work for your skin.

The OROGOLD Cosmetics Basic Skin Care Guide Step 1 – Understand your skin

Before purchasing skin care products for your routine, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is understand your skin. All sorts of factors like age, medications, genetics, hormonal fluctuations, medical issues and environmental factors can influence your skin type. Moreover, the amount of oil production in your skin also tends to change with age. Using the wrong skin care product can end up damaging your skin’s balance because it causes damage to the epidermal layer of the skin. Thus, you need to be very careful about choosing the right products for your skin. Your skin type usually depends on how much sebum your skin produces and how that sebum gets distributed all over your face.

  • Normal Skin – People with normal skin are the lucky ones. Their skin is not too oily, nor too dry. It produces a healthy amount of oil and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy as the day progresses. Normal skin is the most tolerant type of skin when it comes to skin care products, but even normal skin can end up being susceptible to irritation or dryness if you use harsh products on your skin.
  • Dry skin – People with dry skin often feel tight or dry after cleansing their face. Dry skin doesn’t produce enough oil and it is common to notice the sunscreen or makeup getting collected around the dry flakes. Dry skin is extremely prone to wrinkling and people with dry skin are also likely to have sensitive skin. Using the wrong products can make your dry skin issues worse and it can also cause the skin to burn or sting.
  • Oily skin – People with oily skin end up feeling greasy as the day progresses and they often look like an oil slick. Oily skin produces excessive quantities of oil and the pores are known to be larger around the nose and chin areas. It is common for the makeup to slide off. Oily skin is also known to be extremely prone to acne. However, those with oily skin are less susceptible to wrinkles because their skin ages slower than usual.
  • Combination skin – People with combination skin can find themselves belonging to more than one of the above mentioned categories. Combination skin is usually characterized by an oily T-zone. It is important for people with oily skin to use gentle products that don’t cause their dry areas to worsen.

The OROGOLD Cosmetics Basic Skin Care Guide Step 2 – Add one product at a time

One of the most basic rules of skin care is that you need to add one product at a time in your skin care routine. Breaking this rule can make it very difficult to detect products that don’t suit your skin or understand the cause of any reactions or breakouts that might occur once you introduce the products into your skin care routine. The ideal way to introduce the product into your skin care routine is to conduct a patch test before adding any new product. All you need to do is test the product on a patch of your skin on the wrist or behind the ear and watch out for irritation or allergic reactions. If things seem to be normal after a period of 48 hours, you can go ahead and use the products. However, it still makes sense to take things slow and start off with a small patch on your face for the first few applications. Once you have successfully made it through a week without any reactions, you can go ahead and use the product normally.

The OROGOLD Cosmetics Basic Skin Care Guide Step 3 – Build the perfect skin care routine

The main steps of any skin care routine, irrespective of your skin type, include cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing and sunscreen protection. Different skin types and skin issues might also need the addition of further products. OROGOLD helps you to build up the perfect skin care routine. (Remember, this is just an example. You need to adjust the routine according to your own experience and requirements).

  • Cleansing (Morning and Evening) – Cleansing is the first step of any skin care routine. Cleansing your skin allows you to get rid of the dirt and prepare your skin for the skin care routine ahead. Proper cleansing ensures the effective delivery of the products and makes your skin care routine more effective.
  • Toning (Morning and Evening) – Cleansing should always be followed by toning. Most people end up skipping out this process from their regular skin care routines nowadays, but it is still one of the most important things that you should be doing. Toning allows you to ensure that your skin is perfectly prepped up for the application of the serums and the moisturizers.
  • Serums (Morning or Evening) – You need to adjust the use of serums according to the product being used and according to your requirements. For example, if you’re looking for a solution to your dark circles, it always makes sense to apply the dark circle eye serum after toning your skin and before applying the moisturizer as a part of the morning skin care routine.
  • Moisturizing (Morning and Evening) – Using the right moisturizer is essential to maintain the moisture levels of your skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day. Moisturizing the skin also helps to ensure that it looks healthy, young and rejuvenated. ORO GOLD recommends you to use a day moisturizer that protects your skin throughout the day in the morning and a rich night cream that hydrates and rejuvenates the skin at night.
  • Sunscreen (Morning) – After applying the moisturizer, you need to complete the skin care routine by applying a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. Remember, you need to protect your skin from the sun all 365 days of the year, irrespective of whether it’s sunny or not.

Following this simple three step OROGOLD Cosmetics guide shall not only help you to choose the right products, but also allow you to build up a proper skin care routine. If you’re new to the world of skin care, you should always seek expert opinion before starting off with your skin care journey.

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