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Welcome to OROGOLD Reviews. This page has been designed to allow our customers to voice their thoughts and opinions about our products and services. OROGOLD strives to offer its customers excellent skin care solutions for all sorts of skin issues and requirements. We are constantly innovating and designing new products as well as expanding our reach to customers all over the world. We hope that this page will allow those who are unsure about our products to check out what others like them have to say about our products and our stores.


OROGOLD is all about offering highly effective skin care solutions that have been infused with the beautifying properties of gold. Our products also include a rich list of proven skin care ingredients that allow us to help you reduce the appearance of your skin issues as well as allow you to concentrate on anti-aging at the same time.


Testimonials received from millions of customers all over the world speak of the various benefits that our products have to offer. You can voice your opinions about OROGOLD products and services as well. All you need to do is fill out the form below and share your feelings with us. Positive remarks, suggestions and constructive criticism – we love to hear all sorts of remarks so that we can constantly innovate and improve our products in order to make them suit your requirements better.


  1. love your products!! soooo good:)

  2. I have used a several of the mosturizers and even a few face masks and I absolutely love Oro Gold!

  3. A few weeks ago I decided to go to the Orogold store in Barrie because my Step-mother told me of this product she bought for herself and my step-sister. It was a deluxe package. So being me, I decided to go in an grab one as well. David, the salesman, asked me about my skin and I told him about my acne scars and also mentioned that my goal is to wear minimal make-up as possible. He suggested what I needed and a few weeks later, I’m wearing SO VERY LITTLE MAKE-UP!!! It’s getting to a point where I may not need to spend money on make-up at all!! Orogold products are pricey BUT TOTALLY WORTH YOUR MONEY!! If you use it religiously, like I’ve been doing, you will see results. I just want to thank David for introducing me to an amazing product. I have a complimentary facial today at their new location in Scarborough and I cannot wait. Orogold products will be the only products I’d want as a gift. I’ve also started to introduce friends to this.

    THANK YOU DAVID!!!! (At the Barrie Location)

  4. Karen, Thanks for your info. – I love orogold cosmetics. It really works. Start using cryogenic contour eye firming cream for almost 2 weeks, noticeable diffrence in my eyes. I just purchased DMAE Instant Strech Mask, 24 K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling and 24 K Nano Night Recovery.

  5. Karen, Thanks for your info I really love OROGOLD cosmetics. It really works, Im using crygoneic contour eye firming cream because of my puffines under my eyes due to stress and health issues. I am already 62 years and my big problem is sag/puffy eyes. Noticeable that orogold eye gream really works on me.
    I wish i am lucky enough to win other orogold eye product so i can continue using it. Hand lotion is very good too, the manager orogold store gave me a sample. Second time, I purchased DMAE Instant stretch mask and 24 K multi vitamin deep feeling, use it only once a week -I can tell my skin is soft and radiant. Also I bought Orogold Exclusive 24 K Nano Night Recovery, use it every night ( 6-7 dots face and neck) – Awesome- Not only my friends and my family can notice the changes I can tell/feel my face and my neck is getting tight and feel young again. It is expensive but it really works! Thank you orogold cosmetics.

  6. I love all of your products that I have and I talk about them to everyone ! Because my friends and family do ask my what is my secrets, so I tell them what the best product line is and it’s you! I let them try some of mine and then I never get it back :(. But I tell them they have to buy me and themselves something at least. So I guess I kind of work for you which I don’t mind because I truly believe in your products. Thank you all so much

  7. I was wondering if you were ever going to develop a lip treatment that could smooth the lines and plump the lips without looking like a fish. All your products are just so soothing and gentle and natural that I would love a smoothing cinnamon line or something…just a thought :)

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