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OROGOLD Termica Review

The Termica® Collection from OROGOLD is a gem of a collection that gets activated by your body temperature and works to give you a younger and longer lasting look. The Termica® Collection features our advanced heat-activated technology which allows its products to heat up to the right temperature when they come in contact with your skin. This helps you to understand that the products are doing their work in giving you healthier, younger and softer looking skin.


The Termica® Collection consists of four products – the Termica® Activation Serim, the Termica® Completion Cream, the Termica® Facial Expression Night Repair and the Termica® Energizing Mask. Each product can easily be used on its own as a supplement to your skin care routine. But, we suggest that you add the entire collection to your skin care routine for optimal results.


Termica® Activation Serum: The Termica® Activation Serum helps you to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains a unique formula that offers users with an ideal non-surgical alternative to injections and/ or other cosmetic procedures. The Activation Serum uses ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, palmitoyl oligopeptide, collagen, laminaria japonica (seaweed) extract, camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract, retinyl palmitate, kojic acid, ascorbic acid, tocopheryl acetate and gold. Apply the product directly on your facial lines as a part of your regular skin care routine and follow up with the Termica® Completion Cream for best results.


Termica® Completion Cream: The Termica® Completion Cream has been specially formulated to further reduce the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles and ensure that you get a long lasting look. This product contains ingredients like Gold, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 that combine to help you to get a softer and radiant look. Apply the Completion Cream to your deep facial lines as a part of your regular skin care routine. Use the Completion Cream after the Activation Serum for best results.


Termica® Facial Expression Night Repair:  The idea behind offering you with a product for your night-time skin routine is to help your skin to get a hydrated feel and nourished look while you rest. This unique product contains a blend of ingredients like Gold, Sodium Hyaluronate and Palmitoyl Oligopepetide and it should help you to wake up with radiant and youthful looking skin.


Termica® Energizing Mask: The Termica® Energizing Mask is a part of your weekly skin care routine. The mask helps you to get a fresher and younger appearance and its thick texture gives you a beautifully smooth feel as well. We believe that the Termica® Energizing Mask is one of the most revolutionary products offered by OROGOLD. After all, one couldn’t go wrong in choosing a product that is popular as Denise Richard’s favorite OROGOLD product.


Whether you use its products in combination with each other or individually, the Termica® Collection is truly a wonder in your fight against time. As your skin begins to succumb to gravity and the elements of nature that torment it every single day, it is important to replenish your skin and empower it with a skin care solution that allows you to bring back your glowing and younger looking appearance – something that the Termica® Collection manages to do with relative ease and a lot of flair.


  1. The Termica Collection sounds like an amazing product line. I would love to try the Energizing Mask and Activation Serum. I think they will do wonders for my skin.

    The heating effect that comes from using the mask sounds titillating. I really hope I’m one of the winners.

  2. The. Best cream for my face

  3. I love Orogold skincare products, its worth every penny, and I would love to try Exclusive Termica® Collection.

  4. I love the orogold products I have previously purchased and would be thrilled to try the Termica collection. I am fast becoming an avid user and voice of the orogold products.

  5. Product descriptions say it all! Love it!!

  6. Loving my Bio-brightening set, I’ve seen visible changes with my skin.

  7. I would absolutely love to own the Termica Activation Serum! It would be a great addition to my skin care products pantry!

  8. Just learning about these products. Fantastic!

  9. I woul appsolutely love to buy the orogold termica would be great addition for my skin.

  10. I’m interested to try all your products, i’m already in my prime age and want to get age gracefully i’ve tried so many products in d market because i want to remove my pigmentation hope this can help if given the luck to win n can try d product

  11. Orogold is an absolutely fantastic line of products. One dab of any of these products quickly and dramatically corrects my skin tone, makes my skin poreless and soft, and just feels amazing. Not to mention this line smells great! It’s wonderful to know there are such fantastic ingredients in these creams. It would be a dream come true to win this! :-) My favorite part of going to the mall is getting a sample at the beautiful orogold store :-)

  12. These look like amazing products and I love the activation of the bodies heat. The Termica® Energizing Mask looks cutting edge!

  13. I have watched video’s from London on these amazing products. I would love to share the experience of using Oro Gold products. I have many friends who have facials and spend hundreds on skin care products. Would love the chance to win.

  14. I a going to fall in love with all Orogold products…I really want to start with them…

  15. I just found the orogold at the Galleria in Sacramento. I really like the demonstration on the skin to show my skin cleanse. I am always looking for good products. I would love t to try the new products.

  16. The Termica Energizing Mask sounds amazing! Since becoming pregnant, my poor face has been breaking out all over the place, even more than it did before. Even with washing, my face continues to break out. I don’t think my facial cleanser does such a great job anymore. I would love to see how the Energizing Mask works for me and I am definitely one to share the success of products with my friends when they work. I usually convince them to go out and get the products I use. A few have already purchased Orogold products after seeing what they have done for my skin in the past.

  17. I think the Termica Activiation Serum sounds amazing. Though so does the Termica® Facial Expression Night Repair. I like how it is an alternative to potentially invasive cosmetic procedures with similar effects. I would love to see some before and after pictures and I wish everyone luck for the giveaway.

  18. I use many of the Orogold products and love them all. Would appreciate the chance to try the termica products.

  19. At 46 years I have fallen for every skin product story told, my cupboard is full of lovely useless bottles of potions and promises – after one week using Termica® Completion Cream I am getting comments how lovely and healthy I look and I cannot get enough at looking at the change in my skin – I’m having a clean out of my cupboards all the false lovelies are going in the bin – Oro Gold silenced this skincare cynic !

  20. I have tried Orogold cosmetics since last December and I love it. It is the only product that helped me with my dark circles under my eyes…and believe me I have tried bunchs of different products for these horribles dark circles. I really want to try the Termica Collection because sounds amazing.

  21. I live where there is 2% humidity most days so my skin literally cracks open and bleeds. The eye serum I have cleared it in just over 2 days. I love how my skin feels moisturized. The smell of all of the products I use are absolutely wonderful too! So many things smell bad and have to be applied directly around the nose! This stuff smells wonderful! I think the combination of the Termica Mask and the Facial Expression Night Repair sound yummy together. One way or another I hope to give this a try…however, it would be nice to win it!

  22. just received the product as a gift-love it :)

  23. If this is half as good as the rest of the products I’ve tried I’ll be very happy. Great products.

  24. I am using lift cream for my face and I am very satisfy . I really like orogold cosmetic.

  25. I am very interested in learning more about this brand. It looks amazing and would be a great addition to my salon & spa

  26. Caroline Eichweber

    A product: with the extra bit, to set it as extraordinary. Above all others. Perfect for my extraordinary skin.

  27. Estoy gastando la crema 24kmoisturizing day crean. UNA pasada,la compre en Madrid en las Rozas Village

  28. Considering how I am taking steps for my face care ,every cream has its time and age .There are couple important tips for using any cream;as long as you use at least twice a day and find some minutes to relax whenever you use any mask to bring some effect.
    I love taking care of my face and I would love to try this new product which sounds just perfect for my age and time to give a fresh start before I get to my 40s, as it helps relieve the intensity of facial muscular contractions which can lead to wrinkles and the deep lines ,which start to show off.
    I have never heard about this product, but my aunt told me about.I got the interest , so I am here.:)

  29. I love your orogold products, especially the day moisturizing cream.

  30. I love Orogold product especially their moisturizer cream, it really works on my face without a doubt. I’d love to try the Termica’ collection. Goodluck everyone!

  31. “The Great Beauty” with the weekly Termica® Energizing Mask treatment

  32. The Great Beauty with the weekly Termica® Energizing Mask treatment!

  33. This sounds like an amazing product. This would be the perfect addition to my skincare routine!

  34. I think this products is great, I really want to try them

  35. This product sounds very unique, something that could really make a difference. I would especially love to try the completion cream. It’s on my wish list!!!

  36. Received hand cream as a gift amazing qualities as a nures I wash my hands more than 50 times per 12 hr shift.I find that my hands hold on to moisture a lot longer. I wouldn’t mind trying other products especially facial one have significant pigmentation as result of being in the sun and usjng skin lighters many years ago.

  37. Good Morning,

    I was walking through Galleria Mall in Roseville, CA and this lovely young woman stopped and gave me a sample. I spoke with her for a bit, and since I really did have some extra time she gave me a demonstration. She was so sweet and sincerely complimentary toward my skin. I was amazed at the presentation, but vowed I would come back and purchase the two products she showed me. It was some time ago, but I think it was the exfoliating peel and moisturizer. I have not been able to fit these products into my budget yet, but come this tax return season I am getting these products!! I believe her name was Celeste, such a cutie.

    I would love to be considered for this give away, so that I can try these new products. I can’t wait to have my own!

  38. I got some of the Orogold products for Christmas. I have to admit, I didn’t really believe in beauty product before crossing them – a product that actually work – and I really love it!
    I have currently no use for the Tèrmica collection, but i would love to get some to give to my mom! cheap product is all she can afford, but God does she deserve more than that!

  39. I’m new to the Oro Gold products but so far they are making my skin feel sooooo soft. I can’t wait to see the results after a few months!!!! I am fortunate to have good skin but the wrinkles and dark spots are catching up. I really hope Oro Gold makes a difference I can see.

  40. The name says it all…..

  41. Hello I just want to say orogold product change my skin for the better I love it its the only product I use since my sister got me into the products all I can say A++++

  42. Make me a believer……

  43. Make me a believer of Orgo Gold products!

  44. I currently use the 24k line and love it. The Termica line sounds amazing. I have some deep facial expression line on my forehead that could really use this 1-2 punch! The energizing mask sounds like a must have!

  45. I tried a sample of of the 24k moisturizing day cream–which I don’t remember where I got–and am really astounded for how well it makes my skin feel. I hope the real product is as good, or better, than the sample!

  46. The Termica collection sounds like a truly amazing line of skin care products, I would love to try them! I am searching for a new skin care line of products right now…

  47. My skin is very dry and I have black heads on my nose so I would very much like to try Termica® Facial Expression Night Repair and Termica® Energizing Mask.

  48. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I would love to try any of the Orogold products, especially from this line! Thank you for the chance!

  49. I have tried the day cream and am pretty impressed. I’m wondering if the mask would be too harsh on sensitive skin.

  50. Thank you again for making this product available. I have been using various pieces for over 8 months now. I routinely get comments on my youthful appearance. Plus, my skin feels better. I ran out for a bit and flipped to another product. That did not last long. I am looking forward to experiencing more of the benefits as i incorporate OroGOld and Termica® into my daily activities. To be a winner would be a fantastic opportunity. Thanks Nathan for taking care of me :)

  51. The products sound amazing. I love the fact that your products are activated by the bodys own heat to open the pores allowing your products to penetrate deeper.The serum sounds wonderful and the mask sounds like it would really clean deep down. If I can escape Botox as often by using Termica products. I am all for it!

  52. I love Oragold products.the new Termica products sound fantastic. It’s a one in a million chance but here goes.

  53. I would love to own the Termica Activation Serum and Termica Energizing Mask. The serum sounds exactly what I would be looking for in an anti-aging beauty product.

  54. I hope I am the one who will win this product because I love the Termica Energizing Mask and Termica Activation Serum.

  55. Jennifer Patterson

    I loved my Termica facial!! Wow! What a difference in the tone and firmness of my skin. I would love to own a set of my own

  56. I am a regular customer of Orogold . I am highly satisfied with the quality of their products . I will be happy to try Thermica collection .

  57. Best peel ever! New to this line…it is well worth the price!!

  58. I was handed a sample at the mall and have fell in love with your moisturizing day cream….would love to try more of your products.

  59. Idress Ali Ahktar Husain

    Beautiful to learn about oragold product.eager to use it soon

  60. I think I´ll love this products as soon as I try them. I´ll rather start using Termica energizing mask, to make a deep cleaning first and then continue with the Termica Activation Serum and Termica Completion Cream, to start watching out for the effects of getting old.

  61. Me I would mind to get orogold products

  62. Me please I would love so orogold on my face

  63. Just bought the moisturizing cream tonight. Hope it works as good as Nicolas says it does.If so, can’t wait to try more of your products!!!

  64. I think having all 5 products and using together would be the best overall treatment for fast and effective results that last.

  65. Termica Sounds Amazing. My favorite product is the oil control cream.

  66. I had never heard of this product until I received a sample while at the mall. The heating concept sounds quite interesting and I look forward to trying these products! I am starting to show my age and I am constantly searching for THE perfectet products to work a miracle. I would be so thrilled if I were to win these beautifying products!

  67. I have been using this product for sometime and seen the effects, along with the comments from friends… I woulds love to try the Termica Collection.

  68. Would love to win and try these goodies out

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