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OROGOLD Featured on The Doctors

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The Doctors a popular US TV show featuring doctors and medical professionals discussing various health issues and answering questions. The show is aired in several countries around the world like Canada, Mexico, Finaldn, Ireland, Sweden, and Australia. Currently The Doctors stars 5 health professionals with various specialties who offer educational segments about general health along with answering questions that people may be too embarrassed to ask their doctors. This informative show recently featured OROGOLD products in an episode. They pointed out that a stressful and tensed life has become a common thing in today’s world and such factors can take a toll on our body and mind in the long run. Stress has the ability to decrease blood flow, make the skin red and pigmented, increase blood sugar levels and also give rise to fine lines and wrinkles making an individual’s skin look old and dull in no time.

So, what does one need to do to get back the young and bright skin?  Well, they advise the use of gold of course, and that’s what one finds abundantly in OROGOLD’s range of products. OROGOLD Cosmetics company uses gold in every product manufactured, which can work wonders for your beauty routine as it did for many generations in the olden days.

The doctors went on to explain that the major reasons why one should use OROGOLD cosmetics and skin care products was that gold in its purest form helps to increase firmness of the skin, regains the lost elasticity and gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles starting from the very first use. They also tell the audience that gold is quite powerful in healing skin which has been damaged by the harmful rays of the sun which can cause burns and severe tans on the body. The products are so light that even if they are worn for a very long time, they do not irritate the skin at all.

The Doctors also offered their viewers a chance to enter an exciting giveaway featuring OROGOLD. OROGOLD is a part of the The Doctors "Word of the Day" contest beginning on October 7, 2014. To enter all you need to do is visit their page online. Watch this clip about the segment to learn the "Word of the Day " and find out more OROGOLD reviews and the OROGOLD giveaway.

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