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OROGOLD Cosmetics’ Lifestyle Magazine – The Gateway to a Lifestyle of Luxury

OROGOLD Cosmetics has grown to represent more than just a luxury skin care and cosmetic company. Five years after its inception, OROGOLD is proud to be launching the first issue of its OROGOLD Lifestyle Magazine, a comprehensive source for everything luxury. THE OROGOLD Lifestyle Magazine represents a mentality and approach to living your life that is about enjoying the finer things in this world and allowing yourself to indulge. We would like to explore the concept of living your life from the perspective of trying to incorporate that feeling of luxury and charm into more and more of your days. This can be as easy as changing your mind set to reflect an updates attitude. Approach your current lifestyle with a different mentality and see the luxury that is all around you.

With half a decade under our belt serving clientele accustomed to a high degree of luxury and quality, we learned what living a luxurious lifestyle is about. Prominently featuring celebrity brand ambassador, Denise Richards in the magazine, OROGOLD has unlocked all the features of living the decadent life and turned all this insight into its first issue. We want everyone to benefit from the joy that comes with finding the luxury in your life and increasing what you can to make your life feel the rich experience it should be.

The first step is treating your body well to feel as healthy, youthful, and energetic as possible. OROGOLD knows that eating healthy is not just the key to your living a long life. A healthy and well-rounded diet is also the key to being the most beautiful self that anyone can be. From a trim body to glowing skin, what you eat makes a big impact on how you look. With all the right minerals, vitamins and nutrients present in your body, your outer self will begin to reflect how good your inner self feels. Feeling healthy and energetic is the first step in owning the confidence necessary to feel like you deserve only the best.

The next step is treating yourself to the gift of exercise and fitness. The health benefits of a regular fitness routine are clear and well known for overall health. But light weightlifting, regular increased cardiovascular activity and mindful practices like Yoga and Pilates are also a crucial component in feeling your best and living the best life you can live. This is truly what luxury is all about. Enjoying every second of life and incorporating an attitude that is about appreciating

After taking care to eat sumptuous food, and indulge in a little self-care, you are ready to take on the next steps of a luxury lifestyle, and OROGOLD is ready to serve with our full line of luxury skin care products that are catered to every skin type and designed to resolve any skin concern that one could have. We are ready to anoint your freshly fed and exercised bod with only the finest ingredients in our marvelous collections.

Living a life of luxury also means surrounding yourself with excellent people who aspire to the same things that you do. Looking up to strong people that have created success independently with class and integrity is a great reminder that luxury also means enjoying the limitless opportunities afforded by strength and freedom. Enjoying the benefit of great company and feeling fulfilled by strong and confident choices is a luxury that often overrated when people think about what it means to live the high life.

The last component to explore when one is aiming to lead a life of luxury is travel. Yes, going to St. Tropez on a moment’s notice would be magnificent. But speaking honestly that is not an option many of us can afford. Being aware of your surrounding and enjoying the wonders that are local to you is a great way to start reaping the luxurious benefits of an adventurous spirit. Look into the local landmarks and tourist attractions that are within a few hours from you and make plans to get out of your comfort zone and travel more. Even it is not a remote tropical island, seeing new sights and meeting new people is a great way to let more light into your life and refresh your energy.

Whatever way to choose to incorporate more luxury in your life, remember that luxury is mostly a state of mind. If you are dedicated to treating yourself with the care and attention that you deserve, you will feel and reap the benefits of a posh attitude.


  1. I wish to win to live the luxury with your products and to treat my skin with an excellent stuff . thank you

  2. It’s my dream!!!
    Do you think it will become true?

  3. i really love gold cosmetics ❤️

  4. To have a live with a beautiful family as mine it is a luxury life ! Health is up everything ! Love will reach the top! But having you Orogold will change a lot our life’s .thanks for being here for us .

  5. Orogold is the best product to treat yourself to a luxurious skin. Love Orogold, keep up the excellent work!!

  6. I have used orogold for a month by now. My skin looks much better but somewhat a little dry:(

  7. a luxury lifestyle to me means having nothing but the finest things in life with no worries!!! A great start would be winning $500 worth of Orogold :)

  8. Luxury lifestyle to me its when you are free and happy, healthy and not depend on others. when your job is what you love to do. when you wake up with the smile, when you value every breath you take….

  9. …when people wish they were you.. is how you know you are living the luxurious life

  10. Mr Brows of Chicago

    I love these products…

  11. To me, luxury lifestyle is nothing but a condition of great ease and comfort. Living a luxury lifestyle means experiencing the best the world has to offer. It is actually a state of mind and a sensory experience where you can completely relax. For some people it is flying in first class, residing in a five star, spinning around the world or owning a personal fleet of jets. But if you do not have a relaxed mental state, what is the use of all these things? And this is what OROGOLD is doing, i.e. providing people the best they can offer to make their lives luxurious in respect of health and skin care.

  12. An OROGOLD giveaway?! wow! I think I’ve died and gone to “Cosmetic Heaven”! Pretty pretty please…pick me! My skin and I will be forever in your debt.

  13. I love orogold I need more I ran out :( it’s soooo pricey wish I could win this it will help me do much :)

  14. luxury life to me means having nothing to worry about, having some people who love you, who care about you and sure need you.

  15. My husband and I love to travel. We get a taste of the luxury life in Mexico yearly
    at our favorite all inclusive 5 Star resort; if we can! Dreams Resort and Spa is the ultimate!
    Our everyday work and routine are often too demanding to get away! Running our own business
    takes day to day dedication, and I commend my husband for his honest devotion. In the day to
    day grind we find luxury in Sunday dinners with our grown kids & beautiful 2 yr. old granddaughter
    (whenever we can have her*). I discovered Oro Gold on a trip to Las Vegas- unquestionably; I had not had
    much sleep and we were leaving the Stratosphere Resort. A sales rep. pulled me into the Oro Gold shop
    on our way through the shops. My husband waited patiently as she gave me an eye treatment and
    peel treatment on my wrist. I purchased all three products. It has been gone for two months now-
    my Husband still complimenting me on how great my eyes look since I purchased these products-
    (People can not guess my age or believe I’m a Grandmother!!!)
    I plan to get MORE! THANK YOU ORO GOLD* MH

  16. Luxurious lifestyle means for me, healthy approach, energetic ,confidence and relaxed mental state.

  17. Constantly spoiling myself! Life of the luxury is purchasing Orogold Cosmetics and also being able to buy whatever I want with no worries.

  18. Really its so amazing orogold product thi is the best ..ilove this product.loveit!!

  19. If you want to treat your skin use OROGOLD products and you’ll see how your skin glow.
    I saw the product to the mall and the lady marketing the product invite me to try. So I tried orogold deep peeling and I’m amaze how my skin peel in an instant, the dead skin was peeled off. I would really love to have your products.

  20. If you want to treat your skin use OROGOLD products and you’ll see how your skin glow.
    I saw the product to the mall and the lady marketing the product invite me to try. So I tried orogold deep peeling and I’m amaze how my skin peel in an instant, the dead skin was peeled off. I would really love to have your products.

    So for me luxury life is simple….to have and enjoy the things that you really love….

  21. Just start to use OROGOLD COSMETICS, and I think it’s worth to pay that money as I see already huge different.

  22. Rosario L. Jaujali

    A Luxury lifestyle for me means everything, a luxury house , luxury car, a business a happy family and good health. For those who are lucky they can have everything that they wished for, for those who are unlucky we have to strive hard to make both ends meet, but one thing for sure , that if ever I am the lucky one who can win even the 500 dollars worth of orogold cosmetics it’s luxury for me because honestly I cannot afford to buy it at least I will be able to try a luxurious skin care in my whole life.

  23. Lorna A. Del Rosario


  24. Luxury to me is living life to the fullest by using products that pamper your whole body, mind and spirit.

  25. It was said that there are only 3 basic needs in order for people to live and survive; food, shelther and cloth…. but opsss 1 more… health and beauty (not just from outside appearance but also inside)… so it nice to know that there is orogold comestic… a luxury products that care to our healthy skin and maintaining our beauty (inside and outside)… this is the answer on our 4th basic need!

  26. Waiting on my order to arrive to see the OROGOLD magic!

  27. Reading all the lovely comments above is such a credit to Ora Gold.
    I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years and I know this product has been in demand for some time now. I just wish I was part of the initial invention of these products. Never tried it yet but have some valued interest in the product cant wait to test everything.
    This sounds just what my customers would all love.

  28. Absolutely love the 24k serum- it absorbs quickly and makes my skin so soft and luxurious and subtle! I can’t wait to try The many products you offer and to experience one of your salon facials in the near future!

  29. Luxury life style is to be able to do what you want to do in life when you want to do it, able to choose out of different options. It is a feel of freedom.

  30. A luxury lifestyle is having your family healthy and surrounded by people who inspire you to be a better person. To be able to afford all the necessities and to help the less needy.

  31. I have felt luxurious and amazing since I have used OroGold products. As a mother of two small children it is hard to find time to pamper myself to anything remotely close to luxury; but now with my Oro gold regime I feel amazing and sexy, my skin looks incredible and I am more inspired to find more time to further the luxury with healthy eating and exercise!

  32. To me A luxury lifestyle means to be in the moment experiencing all the senses from touch. feel, scent and visual etc, and that is what I get from Oradold x VIVA LA VIDA

  33. I love Oro Gold masks it works very well now I’m using it I bought them three months ago wrinkle on my face reduce a lot after musk treatment applied stretching product I love it thank you Oro Gold

  34. A luxurious lifestyle is about loving and valuing yourself enough to put yourself first – taking care of yourself – your body, your health and your mind…and of course indulging and spoiling yourself once in a while.

  35. What a difference it has made on my face, especially around my eyes and my neck!!! Thank you!

  36. A Luxurious Lifestyle means to me soaking in wonderful bath bubbles in my beautiful bathtub with Orogold’s seaweed mask applied to my face with a few candles lit. I just feel like I have the best life ever at that moment. My next Orogold purchase will be for the 24K Deep Peeling mask as the reviews are intriguing !!!

  37. Luxury is comfort and relaxing. Able to travel with comfort. To have the finer things in life. To feel and look amazing.

  38. I actually use this product and i make it a priority!

  39. Simply waaaaaaaaw

  40. Love the products. they feel luxurious. Love, love, love to be pampered!

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