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24K 2-Step Cleansing Kit

You’re only 2 steps away from discovering a whole new you! First, use our 24K Gold Milk Cleanser to whisk away impurities with a non-irritating formula that’s kind to your skin. Your skin will feel touchably soft thanks to the combination of vitamin C, vitamin E, jojoba, antioxidants and musk oils.  Next, follow up with our 24K Gold Purifying Facial Toner to effectively balance out your freshly cleansed skin. Witch hazel and chamomile, two of nature’s powerhouse ingredients, work to remove any final traces of dirt while they soothe, calm and moisturize your skin.

2-Step Cleansing Kit from OROGOLD Cosmetics

How to Use 

24K Gold Purifying Facial Toner
Soak a pad or a cotton ball and gently wipe product over your face and neck area. Repeat, if needed. Use daily.

24K Gold Milk Cleanser
Douse a cotton ball or a pad with the product and wipe your face and neck area with the product. Repeat, if needed. Use daily.

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