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Oro Gold Reviews the Yesteryears of Makeup

Make up Oro GoldWe all want to achieve the timeless, classic look, one that won’t embarrass us when we show pictures from our youth to our grandchildren. But when every generation redefines what its idea of “Classic Beauty” is, it is hard not to get caught up in the “flash in the pan fads” of the day.  Orogold, the maker of Oro Gold Moisturizing Day Cream, understands that make up trends are always evolving, but good skin care is timeless.

The 50s

The war was over and the cosmetic industry has started to boom. If you think about the stereotypical woman from this era, she is probably wearing a full skirt in the kitchen next to her shiny new appliances, with a porcelain face and ruby red lips. There is something almost frightening about her in the way she is made up to flawless perfection. 

This comes from the pancake makeup she is wearing which gives that ultra smooth appearance.  It is sealed with a puff of powder to give her skin a lighter tone.  Liquid eyeliner is becoming increasingly popular and women use it generously.  The 50s look would not be complete, however, without the bright red lipstick and nails to match. If you need inspiration, our Oro Gold reviews suggest looking no further than America’s sweetheart, Marilyn Monroe.

The 60s

Moving away from the dolled up look of the 50s and towards the natural look of the 70s, you have the stepping stone of the 60s.  Ironically, this seemingly transitional phase ends up inspiring many generations to come.  The staple of the 60s was the dramatic eye.  Eye shadow colors got a little bolder and were applied to the crease above the eyelid.  This gave the eye a more rounded look.   Mascara was used to lengthen the lashes, and if that still wasn’t enough, fake lashes were added.  Makeup applied to the rest of the face was kept relatively light and clean.  Look at images of Twiggy to get a sense of the 60s look.

The 70s

The natural look was all the rage when the 70s rolled around, although color was added to the eyes and cheeks, but never in a loud way. You’ll have to wait for the 80s to do that.   You won’t find lip liner or much mascara in the makeup bags either.  If you looked like you weren’t wearing makeup at all, you reached your goal.  Farrah Fawcett is the It girl of this generation.

The 80s

Color came back with a vengeance in the 80s.  If the 70s was the natural look, the 80s were unnatural.  If you didn’t kind of look like a clown, you weren’t doing it right.  Various colors of eye shadows, especially the decade’s iconic electric blue, were worn as a thick rainbow from lashes to eyebrows.  Pink blush was painted onto the cheekbones in order for them to pop.    Cyndi Lauper was a popular singer and style icon of the day.

Oro Gold reviews the past in order to learn what works and what does not.  This way we can present you with the best possible options so you will always feel confident that your particular brand of beauty is truly timeless.

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