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Oro Gold Reviews How to Keep Your Eyes Looking Young

oro gold reviews eye careOro Gold Keeps the Sparkle in Your Eyes

There are poems, songs, and other works of art dedicated to describing the beauty of someone’s eyes.  The eyes carry a weighty metaphor as well, that of windows to the soul.  Having eyes that look youthful and vibrant can refresh and rejuvenate the entire look of your face.

Nobody wants to hear the dreaded “You look tired,” and if you do, it is probably in reference to your eyes.   Eyes can look puffy.  They can be surround by tiny lines and wrinkles or crow’s feet.  And they can be underscored by dark circles.  It is no wonder that there are new beauty products coming out right and left to add color and shimmer to your eyes, but the best thing to do for the appearance of your eyes is to use Oro Gold eye serum on a regular basis as well as some other tricks and tips.

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

At a very young age, someone told you to never look straight into the sun.  The instant you look into the sun, you can damage your retinas.  Even if you don’t plan on ever looking into the sun, it can damage your eyes in a different way, requiring you to protect your eyes from the sun.  It is a fact that the sun causes wrinkles, so to keep the UV rays from damaging the sensitive areas around your eyes, you should always step outside with sunscreen, especially on your face.  A broad spectrum sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher will protect will armor your skin against the rays, keeping wrinkles from forming. For another layer of protection, wear larger rimmed UV 400 sunglasses all year long.  Even though we aren’t as aware of the sun’s harmful rays in the colder months, they are still very much present.

Goodbye to the Sleepy Eyes and Wrinkles

Puffiness and dark circles are common conditions that can be easily controlled with the right Orogold products and by knowing how to properly take care of your eyes.  First, makes sure that your diet is one that encourages proper circulation and function of the body.  Foods that are rich in Vitamin C can prevent the collagen from breaking down and prevent free radical damage.  Eliminate excess sodium  and alcohol from your diet and drink plenty of water.

Circulation problems can cause puffiness and darkness so doing things to increase circulation with will wonders for your eyes.  Something as simple as splashing cold water on your face in the morning to jump start circulation.  Massage the area around your eyes throughout the day to encourage circulation.  Also, elevating your head while sleeping with the use of an extra pillow will keep fluids from settling around your eyes.  Using the right products can also enhance your eyes.  Oro Gold eye serum is rich in Vitamin C and will make those crow’s feet fade away.  You can revitalize the look of your overall appearance by simply paying a little more attention to your eyes.

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