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OROGOLD Reviews the Top Skin Care Myths

A young woman shopping in a cosmetics store

How do you determine whether what you know about your skin and whether the skin care advice offered to you is true? Skin care brands offer you with all sorts of promises and tips to sell their products. Your friends probably have as much knowledge as you do. In times like these, you usually end up following the general opinion, ... Read More »

OROGOLD on Skin Care for Lazy Women

Lazy girl turning off her alarm clock

There are three types of lazy women – the lazy ones, the super lazy ones and the laziest ones. Sleeping till almost 10.00AM is lazy. Having breakfast in bed is super lazy. And spending the entire weekend on the couch watching one TV show after another is by far the laziest. If you feel like you can relate to any ... Read More »

OROGOLD Guide to Skin Care Ingredients – ORO GOLD Reviews

Various bottles containing mixtures to make skin care ingredients

It is essential to understand the various ingredients used in your skin care products because any product that deals with your skin is only as good as the ingredients that it uses. This OROGOLD Guide to Skin Care Ingredients helps you to learn how to analyze skin care ingredients and ensure that the products you choose offer the best possible ... Read More »