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Men’s Collection

24K Men’s Hydrating Moisturizer

Gentlemen have unique skin care needs of their own. Shaving and daily exposure to harsh elements can leave skin feeling dry and irritated. Our 24K Men’s Hydrating Moisturizer delivers hydration and topical vitamins and minerals in a lightweight formula that doesn't leave behind a greasy feel. The subtle, masculine scent is pleasing without overpowering the senses. This man-approved formula offers hydration and ... Read More »

24K Men’s Pre-Shave Facial Serum

For exceptional cushioning and an ultra-close shave, try our 24K Men's Pre-Shave Facial Serum. The formula uses rich emollients to lubricate your facial hair and skin so you can have an effortless shave free from razor burn or discomfort. Our revolutionary shave serum also works to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It's clear, silky formula lets you see ... Read More »

24K Men’s Aftershave Balm

There’s nothing more soothing to your skin than massaging it with our premium 24K Men's Aftershave Balm. Work this gently-fragranced, lightweight balm into your face and neck areas to enjoy its calming, soothing ffects. It feels so good, you’ll want to wear it on its own or layer it under our moisturizer to boost your skin’s look and feel. Add ... Read More »

24K Men’s Deep Pore Cleanser

Dissolve that oily feeling with our 24K Men's Deep Pore Cleanser. This non-drying formula works up a silky lather to lift away skin-clogging dirt and impurities while delivering important vitamins and minerals that are known for their hydrating and rebalancing properties. The subtle fragrance is both manly and understated, a complement to the power-packed ingredients that will leave your skin looking ... Read More »

24K Men’s Collection

The ideal skin care set for men featuring our handsome gold-trimmed packaging, and our exclusive 24K product line including - 24K Men's Deep Pore Cleanser, 24K Men's Pre-Shave Facial Serum, 24K Men's Aftershave Balm and 24K Men's Hydrating Moisturizer. From facial cleansing to hydration, anti-aging benefits to advanced shave care, this collection helps you deal with all sorts of challenges ... Read More »