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Benefit of Botanical Extracts in Skin Care Products

Botanical extracts

Many skin care products make use of plant and botanical extracts. Considered to be quite beneficial for human skin, you have them included in everything from moisturizers to serums. However, they can only be effective on our skin if they are concentrated into their extract form which is exactly what OROGOLD products contain. The botanical extracts of the plants are ... Read More »

OROGOLD Talks about its 24K Eye Care Collection

OROGOLD 24K Eye Collection

The OROGOLD 24K Eye Care Collection is one of our most exclusive and striking collections that has been specifically designed to help you find solutions for your sensitive eye area. Many of our customers have found the 24K Eye Collection to be one of our best collections because of the sheer fact that it can radically change the way the ... Read More »

OROGOLD Daily Essentials – ORO GOLD Review

OROGOLD Daily Essentials Products

To keep yourself looking young and healthy, you must ensure that you follow a proper and well defined skin care routine that suits your type of skin. While there are several products that need to be chosen based on your type of skin, there are a few daily essentials that men and women with all types of skin must have. ... Read More »



Can’t concentrate in class? Having a hard time remembering what you had for dinner last night? Or maybe it’s just not your day... Well, I think you would like DMAE. Read my article for some amazing facts and check out my video on the right DMAE is a liquid organic compound naturally produced in the brain. It’s also found in ... Read More »

OROGOLD Review – How to get rid of puffiness and dark circles

oro gold review

We wake up every single morning with the hopes that we don’t have to look at puffy eyes or dark circles below the eye area. They say that the skin rejuvenates itself while you’re sleeping. So, why are some people tormented with the formation of dark circles and puffy eyes while their body is sleeping. It’s just not fair! Well, ... Read More »